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If you've read my blog before you probably know I have such a hard time finding foundations that work with my skin type, most of the time it is down to my skintone, but I do have quite sensitive skin on my face and neck, so it can be hard for me to trust a new brand when it comes to foundation. I am not someone who can look at a bottle of foundation online and just be like "okay lets go for it" and order it, I have to see it, touch it, I have a process.

I have olive skin tone, which can be difficult to have when looking for foundation because of the yellow undertones of my skin, sometimes I genuinely look like I may have jaundice, I used to get a lot of Simpson insults threw my way as a kid, I mean my skin is very yellow. So for me I have to find that perfect match and I don't really stick to cool toned foundation or warm toned foundation because it changes with each brand. Some cool toned foundations make me look dull, grey, very The Walking Dead, but some warm toned foundations make me look incredibly orange. I have to actually physically be able to compare colours and test them out picking one that is close to my skin tone and if I can't find one I don't buy that foundation.

For everyone the formula of a foundation has to be taken very seriously because using the wrong formula of foundation can lead to skin problems arising that you don't want, nor need. There are many foundation formulas out there and you should always go for one that benefits your skin type, if you have oily skin go for an oil free foundation, if you have dry skin go for one aimed at dry skin and NEVER touch powdered foundations. For me I have combination skin, but I tend to get little patches of psoriasis during the drier months so during that time I go for more oil based foundations or foundations aimed at dry skin so that there is no sinking into the patches of psoriasis.

For me I will try any coverage, medium, light or full, but when it comes to more high-end foundations and designer foundations I prefer high coverage, because those are my favourites. I don't mind having a bit of a hit or miss feeling about a drug store foundation, but when it comes to something I am paying a lot for I expect good quality and for me good quality is high coverage. This is because my thoughts are if I wanted low coverage I would buy a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream. 

For me durability is important, I like to know my foundation is going to last all day and I won't have to reapply a billion times before the end of the night. If I see a foundation stating it will last 24 hours I will have to try it, or if a fellow blogger says a foundation lasts 16 hours I am sold. It is important for me that I am not constantly having to reapply, because it's just a nuisance. Talking about this I do have a post coming up in which I test a certain 24 hour foundation...

This probably seems silly to quite a few people, but packaging is super important for me, I like my foundations to be sturdy, I don't like to carry them in my makeup bag (see my alternative here), but I do like to know that if I chucked it into my bag it wouldn't break or leak and that it would fit. So I am not a fan of unneeded large packaging, packaging with unsafe lids and drugstore plastic lids all together. I don't know if it is just me, but those lids 90% of drugstore foundations have that are the cheapest and flimsiest plastic ever drive me nuts.  

Normally if all of the above are good then I am up for buying a foundation, but if I can check blog posts and read how the product applies to the skin I will do. I love a product that has a natural look, doesn't apply very cakey or make me look like I have a mask sat on top of my face i.e. different coloured neck and too thick.

Now this isn't always important to me as I like to have moisturisers with SPF in them which I tend to wear under foundation, but if a foundation has an SPF in it I will be more inclined to buy it than one without SPF. I always try to protect my face from the sun because although I live in very un-sunny Scotland the sun is always behind those clouds and waiting to attack your skin and damage it which leads to horrible things such as cancer and early ageing. 

I avoid products with strong perfume in them because my sensitive skin has a tendency to break out with these products, I avoid anything to warm toned or too cool toned, I tend to keep to the middle ground, I avoid anything with too light a coverage, I mean if I wanted to wear no makeup I wouldn't wear any makeup. I definitely think the most important foundation to avoid is one that adds to skin problems i.e. if you have oily skin then do not buy an oil based foundation, dry skin try not to use powdered foundations, it is all about finding your perfect foundation. I also avoid foundation in a pan, it reminds me of them Dream Matte Mousse days AND I find it awkward to apply. 

What has been your worst foundation experience? How do you avoid a foundation mishap?

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