What makes me follow a blog

What makes me follow a blog

I recently decided I would go through all the blogs I follow on Bloglovin and have a little clear out and look for some blogs to follow. While planning this I realised I have a lot more of a guide that I first realised, I tend to look into 5 aspects of a blog before clicking that follow button.

For me, the blogger behind the blog is just as important an aspect to take into account as the blog itself. I like to know who I am supporting and what they condone and support. I am not talking political views, I am talking their character. There have been times when I have unfollowed a blogger because they condone bullying or throw insults out at others. I like who I am supporting and following to be people I'd personally surround myself in real life. Those bloggers are nice, honest, friendly, down-to-Earth and supportive of others. I love the girl boss vibes and bloggers who are happy for one another's success. 

I don't like to read a blog and take away absolutely nothing, if a blogger is able to guide me, educate me or help me I will be likely to follow. From beauty reviews and styling tips to career and life advice, I love when I am learning new things and picking up ideas, tips and hints to use in the future. If I am reading a blog and I don't feel like anything at all provokes me to read on I most likely won't follow. 

What makes me follow a blog

A big love of mine is when a blogger has fantastic photography, I think photography is something that can really make a blog post and blog in general pop. If a blogger has very dark, grainy, pixelated photos I am less likely to follow because it doesn't seem like they take their blog very seriously. Although I do hold photography to a lower standard than content. 

This may be a controversial addition to the list, but I love when a blogger is consistent with their content. I am not a big fan of someone who writes a post once in a blue moon (is this a Scottish phrase?) I prefer when a blogger has some sort of schedule, although I never remember anyone's schedule if I can tell you are consistent with your blog posts I will be more inclined to follow you. 

I am not someone who is like "wow you used the wrong your, unfollowed" but I do like when a blogger has good writing and grammar skills, I am not too bothered by mistakes and errors, but all in all I enjoy a blog more when I don't have to think about what a blogger means and have to reorganise sentences in my head to make sense of it. 

What do you look for in blogs you follow? Do you have a few different aspects you look into? 

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