When You Should Chuck out Your Makeup

When You Should Chuck out Your Makeup

Just like food, glorious food, makeup items actually go out of date, but unlike food items they don't tend to make you sick and unwell, they actually just result in a rather messy and unattractive makeup look and for some can lead to spots or dry skin patches. However, cosmetic companies are not under obligation to print the use by date on the product, so when should we be chucking those items out?!

Some cosmetic brands such as Lush however, are helpful enough to put the expiry date on their products, others use less noticeable ways to broadcast the expiry date. As an example this Urban Decay setting spray has a little open icon with "24m" written beside it, this means that this product expires 24 months after it is opened.

But, if your products don't have a helpful little icon then let me help you out. For mascara some say 2-3 months, others say 3-5 and some say it can even stay untainted for up to 6 months after opening. This is a really tricky one to find a straight answer for if your mascara bottle doesn't say. The reason mascara expiry date is so important is because mascara wands reguarly hold bad bacteria which can lead to eye infections and conjunctivitis. You could renew your mascaras reguarly, or if you're not that worried the tell tale signs of a worn out mascara is dryness and clumping, so you could wait and judge yourself when you think the time for a new mascara is.

When it comes to lip products this one can cause a lot of problems for us MAC fanatics, we spend a lot of money collecting dozens of expensive lipsticks, do we really have to chuck them out and start our collection all over again? It seems so, lipsticks can reguarly dry out over time which means you aren't getting as good a quality and they hold bacteria too. For lipsticks the expiry date is two years after it is first opened and for lipglosses it is one.

Foundation is an important one, do you really want to put something all over your face that is out dated? Probably not! Using foundation which has gone out of date can lead to inflammation, spots and/or rashes. The usual timescale for foundation is between six to twelve months after the product has first been opened. Most foundations actually use the method saw above to say when the product will expire, but if yours doesn't then watch for the colour separating in the bottle or changing in colour. If this happens throw it in the bin!!

When You Should Chuck out Your Makeup

For powders, whether it be pressed powder, eyeshadow, highlighter, bronzer, a contour kit they all take around the same time to expire. Expired powder products used on the face such as bronzers, highlights and powder contour kits can lead to inflammation, rashes and spots, all powder products which are expired are more flaky and often don't sit well on the skin, looking patchy or dry. The normal powder product takes up to two years to expire.

We've all been there when it comes to polish, we have hoarded that many that when you find the perfect shade you find the colour has split and went goopy or watery. Not only is it gross, but it also doesn't work right, isn't pigmented, doesn't go on properly and on the off chance you get some pay off it chips within five seconds or doesn't dry at all. Most nail polishes however last a total of two years.

Makeup brushes on the other hand can last a lot longer than any other makeup product in your collection, especially if you take good care of them and wash them reguarly. The only time you should have to throw away makeup brushes is if they are so dirty they won't clean, have gone stiff and hard, are shedding, they have gone out of shape or they smell super bad. Other than that your brushes are good to go as long as you want them.

Do you throw out your cosmetics after their expiry date? Ever had a bad experience with one?

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