Dos and Don'ts of Highlighter

Dos and Don'ts of Highlighter
I am a massive highlighter fan, I love trying out new highlighters, trying out new ways to wear them, I just love the dewy look highlight gives to the face. I am someone who believes that there is no such things as 'too much' highlight, I love the glazed doughnut look, but I also love a natural glisten and gleam, so really it is all up to the person wearing it, but I do think a lot of mistakes can be made with highlight and I am going to tell you how to avoid to them.

Highlight seems to be a Marmite product and people either love it or hate it, so my biggest type is just do you. Someone tells you that you haven't got enough on or have to much on just roll your eyes and be on your glazed doughnut ways. It is a personal decision and just don't listen to people's negative comments. Likewise with this post, if you completely disagree with something I say then that is fine, these are my opinions, so just do you.

A problem I find with highlight is that sometimes highlight shades just don't suit me. I have olive skin tones so I love going for golden shaded highlights, Mary Lou being one of my favourites, it just brings out my yellow undertones in a way that I am happy to have "Simpson skin". Pinky toned highlights such as the Kiko Radiant Touch in 101 Rose just makes me look silly, but as a creamy blusher it would look lovely, however on someone with pink/red undertones this will give such a lively and radiant look. 

One of my pet peeves with highlight is when you can actually see the powder on people's skin, this usually happens when the highlight traps inside open, large pores or when it hasn't been blended. I know we have all probably went outside without blending properly once or twice, but with perfectly blended highlight, you will just look incredible. 

I love using a cream highlighter with a powder on top or a liquid highlight with powder on top. Layering up your highlights just gives such a flawless shimmering look and of course adding powder on top ensures that your highlight stays put all day. My favourite combo of the moment is Kiko's Radiant Touch highlight in 100 Gold with Mary Lou on top. 

Dos and Don'ts of Highlighter

Controversial ooooh. No, I am kidding, I am all about highlighting under your eyes, but I have saw one or two people use actually sparkly, shiny highlight to highlight under their eyes which in my opinion looks silly. Use an under eye highlighter such as the L'Oreal Lumi, this is made to lighten the under eye area, but has no glitter or sparkle in it. Some people also use a lighter toned concealer to lighten their eye area. A nice sparkly highlight in the inner corners though, now I LOVE that.

We all have our insecurities, we all have parts of out bodies, our faces and our personalities that we would rather not draw attention to. Highlight draws attention to areas so don't highlight features you want people to not notice as much. I don't highlight my chin because I don't like the little bump it has on it, some people don't highlight their nose because it might have a bump etc etc.

Just like with everything powdered, if you use a powder highlight over dry skin is will draw A LOT  of attention to that area, it will look flaky and extremely unflattering, instead use a cream or liquid highlight and rely on some setting spray to lock that glazed look in place all day. 

What is your favourite highlighter? Do you have any highlighter tips and tricks to share? 

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