35 Blog Post Ideas: Beauty

35 Blog Post Ideas: Beauty

I recently posted a little blog post giving some idea for blog posts and much to my surprise it was really quite popular, people seemed to love the idea of having some back up options for when their brain was lacking creativity or some basic post ideas that would give them some inspiration to jazz up and make their own. Recently I done a little poll on my Twitter and people seem to be super interested in my beauty blog posts, so here are a few beauty related blog post ideas for anyone running low on inspiration. 

1. Go to makeup look, 
2. Designer wishlist,
3. Boots wishlist, 
4. Makeup haul,
5. Retrying favourite products from pre-teen years, 
6. Finding the right foundation for your skin type,
7. Your makeup story, 
8. Makeup must haves, 
9. Empties,
10. Disappointing products, 
11. How to colour match your foundation, 
12. Comparing primers, 
13. How to contour, 
14. Trying Pinterest beauty hacks, 
15. Brand first impressions, 
16. Lipstick* collection *could be any item, lipstick is just an example. 
17. Products you will always rebuy, 
18. First high-end purchase story, 
19. Skincare regime, 
20. Your skin story, 
21. Comparing two setting sprays* *could be any item, setting spray is just an example.
22. What's inside your travel makeup bag,
23. Step outside of your comfort zone for the day and record how it goes, i.e. who noticed? Compliments? Insults? Will you do it again? 
24. How to pick lip colours to match your skin tone, 
25. What you look for in foundation, 
26. Makeup tips and tricks, 
27. Your favourite beauty bloggers, 
28. Favourite face masks,
29. What you use in the shower, 
30. How much is your makeup collection worth,
31. Full face powder/crayon/liquids look,
32. Worst product experience, 
33. Best product experience, 
34. Recreate a celebrities look,
35. Your haircare routine.  

35 Blog Post Ideas: BeautyThere we have 35 different beauty blog post ideas, I tried to be a little more creative with some and not just the typical "nighttime routine", "morning routine" although I do love those posts, don't get me wrong. I hope this post helps and you get some inspiration from it or use one of the ideas I mentioned. 

Have you ever done any of these posts? Do you have a beauty post idea you'd like to share? 

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