Introducing Kiko Milano

Introducing Kiko Milano
If you follow me on any of my social medias you may know that I recently visited the Kiko Milano store at Glasgow Fort. It is a relatively new store and since I rarely visit The Fort it was my first time in the beautiful store. After picking up and falling in love with a couple of products I was excited to try more.

Kiko Milano is an Italian brand which is definitely leaving a print in the beauty industry, everyone is loving Kiko right now. I am slowly becoming obsessed with the brand and can feel my makeup collection growing every time I think of Kiko. Also if you recently read my Makeup Expirations post (find here), you may like to know Kiko have the expiry dates of all their products printed on the bottom of the boxes, very handy.

Introducing Kiko Milano
The first product I couldn't wait to get my hands on was the highlighters, the Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighters to be exact. I swatched these instore and I just couldn't believe how gorgeously pigmented and shimmering these little guys were. I went for the shade 100, which is a bright golden shade. There is another in a more rosy pink tone, but I feel that golden highlights compliment my olive skin tone and yellow undertones more than rosy highlights do. 

The packaging for this stick highlight is the usual black and white Kiko Milano packaging, very classic and chic. Like most stick products you twist the bottom and up pops the stick of product, obviously I twisted it all the way to have a good look at how much product is actually in that tube and I was pleasantly surprised, there is A LOT! I also enjoy that the product is rounded at the edge which makes it much easier to apply straight to the face and gives a great colour payoff. 

Like always I applied my usual base products before popping this beauty onto my cheek bones straight from the tube, there was no tugging, it seemed to glide on effortlessly and with one swipe I had a very dewy look, not too wet looking and the small glitter speckles made it sparkle and glisten as it reflected the light. I then used a highlighter brush to apply to my nose, cupids bow and inside corners of my eyes. The brush picked up a good deal of product with one swipe and it applied once again without problem. 

The colour in the photo above is in direct light with two swipes, so you can see how intense the colour payoff can be and it of course is super buildable. I think the colour payoff with one swipe can be an everyday look for even the tamest of highlight wearers. I topped mine up with Mary Lou by The Balm on top and the combo is insane, the colours are very similar and give a beautiful 'wet look' to the skin. 

As for wear, I wore this little fella on quite a humid day and he lasted really quite well with a primer underneath and setting spray on top. 

Next up, I got the chance to try one of Kiko's newer lipsticks from the Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick range. Again, I swatched quite a few of these guys in store, they have thirty different shades of these little guys and each one was so soft, creamy and pigmented. I opted for 102 also known as Pink Sand (which if you add an 's' to is also one of my favourite Yankee Candle scents, so I mean, perfect match right?)

I am not a huge pink fan when it comes to well anything really, but lately I have been trying out some pink lip shades and this one just seemed like such a beautiful colour, I couldn't help myself, but want it. The colour payoff is exactly how it looks in the photo above and it has the most creamy, smooth consistency, it almost reminds me of MAC  lipsticks with how smooth and sleek it applies. 

It is a gloss lipstick which of course doesn't settle into the lips as much as that of a matte, it doesn't settle into the lip lines or bleed and it is super hydrating, it feels more like a lip balm than a lipstick. I found it lasts really well, around 4 hours without eating, which of course any longer than that without  eating is just a silly though, am I right? But I am sure with a lip liner first this little fella would last even longer.

Can we please talk about the packaging too? This has got to be the most beautiful and creative lipstick packaging I have ever seen. Not only is it a beautiful rose gold and deep silver, but there is a button at the top of the lid which you click and the lipstick pop down so you can easily remove the lid, how creative is that? Would be perfect for popping in your bag as you know for sure that lid will not pop off and ruin your lipstick.

Introducing Kiko Milano
Last, but certainly not least I got one of the famous Kiko Milano Water Eyeshadows, I feel like if I hadn't gotten one of these beauties I just wouldn't be beauty blogger, I have read so many posts about these that I knew which shades I wanted before even swatching them. I got shade 208 also known as light gold. 

First of all, in the pan, this product is beautiful, I didn't want to swatch it, I didn't want to touch it, I just wanted to stare at it's beauty, I mean, how on Earth is an eyeshadow prettier than me?!! It is a beautiful golden shade, I wouldn't say 'light gold' at all, this product is full on gold with a lot of sparkle. 

I have tried this product both dry and wet, the swatch above is dry, and when I say wet I mean with MAC Fix+. Now, when using this product dry there can be quite a bit of fallout, probably due to the amount of glitter, when wet I didn't really have the same problem, there was some fallout, but not a lot, which is expected of most eyeshadows really. 

I felt that it applied very easily to the lid both wet and dry, as it is such a glittery shadow it's not one I would blend and instead I more or less tap it onto the lid, which worked perfectly, it showed up wonderfully pigmented, when wet it looks wet and continues to have a very shimmery wet look on the eyes which I love as I am all about the dewy look right now. I think this product when applied thinly could also be used to highlight the inner corners especially for those with a tan or more bronzed skin. 

I did in fact try this shadow out as a highlight as it is such a beautiful golden shade and I really liked it. I think because of the intensity and the glitter it is much more suited for an evening or a more dramatic look, but nevertheless I will be using it as a highlight again. It has a very wet finish and glistens in the sun beautifully. 

Have you tried any of these products out? What should I pick up next at Kiko? 

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Disclaimer: These products were sent to me, but all opinions are my own. 

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