Spring/Summer Nail Picks

Spring summer nail picks
I have a strange obsession with buying nail polishes, always have and probably always will, a lot of my nail polishes just sit on a shelf gathering dust because I have so many I don't get to use them that often. I love picking out a bunch of shades and putting them at the front of my shelf ready to use in the up and coming season. So far I have six of my favourite shades waiting to be worn this spring and summer.

Spring summer nail picks
To start of I always have this little beauty sat out to prep my nails. If you read my blog or tweet you may know my nails suck. They are so weak and brittle, they break constantly, I don't even have to do anything for my nails to break so I use Essie Grow Stronger as a base coat in the hopes it helps strengthen my nails and stop them from breaking every time I put on a jacket. 

I used this polish for quite a while at the beginning of the year, had quite lengthy, strong nails for a while and then exams came, I wasn't maintaining my nails, just throwing on a quick dry polish to make them look presentable and so my nails reverted to brittle, broken and the opposite of healthy. 

Now I am back to using this polish my nails feel stronger, healthier and they don't break and snap as often as they would. It is important to use a base coat to protect your nails from discolouration from strong nail colours and to keep your nail polish from chipping. This beauty does both of those while strengthening my nails, what more can I ask for? 

Spring summer nail picks
Let's start with Barry M, a pattern you might see often throughout this post is that I love pastels for the spring and summer months. On the left we have Berry Ice Cream and on the right we have Freestyle

Berry Ice Cream is a lovely lilac colour as you can see and I absolutely love it, my sisters have borrowed it, my friends and it seems to suit every single skin colour. It is the typical Barry M polish usual medium sized brush with the easy to grip handle, nothing too new or spectacular, we have all tried a Barry M polish in our days.  

Freestyle is a quick dry Barry M polish and I am going to be honest it was my first. Now, Barry M was my go to nail polish brand when I was in my early teens, but I this was my first Barry M buy in about 4 years, but that colour. I am not a pink girl, but I HAD to have this colour, it reminds me of like candyfloss/cotton candy. This is my go to polish for when I need a quick nail fix, it dries in about 30 seconds not even joking. 

Both polishes chip gradually, with the base coat it takes about 3 days before I have a couple chips in my polish and two coats of both gets the nails covered completely. They're quite thick polishes, and the brush is the perfect size for nails, no shedding as far as I can tell. 

Spring summer nail picks
Now onto Rimmel polishes, I had never tried a rimmel polish before I saw their pastel collection and my eyes just drew to the gorgeous shades, I picked up a good few, but these two are definitely the ones I like most. On the left we have Breakfast in Bed and on the right we have Peachella, a play on Coachella maybe? 

Peachella is a shade from the Rita Ora collection, but there isn't any difference between that at Breakfast in Bed from the traditional Rimmel polish line, but they have the same glossy finish, same bottle, same dry time etc etc etc. 

So I love these products, but I HATE the brush size, it's a very thick brush and I have a tiny pinky finger, so I struggle to not get it all over my hand, but I mean it's easy enough to clean off. These polishes only take two coats to and your nails are good to go, they chip after a couple days with the base coat, but I mean it's cool, I change my nail colour a lot anyway. The drying time is about two or three minutes, which feels like hours, but it's pretty usual for non-fast dry nail polishes. 

Spring summer nail picks
I have just recently found Ciate, I know, I know I am late to the party, but the bottles are so so cute and that little bow I mean, cute af, am I right? On the left we have loop the loop and on the right is the beautiful chinchilla.

Both colours are the same collection, finish etc and are beautifully pigmented after three coats. I was so confused by how unpigmented these polishes are upon the first coat, I thought I had picked up some bad polishes, but all of the Ciate polishes I have are the same, so I do just think it is their formula. 

The amount of coats does make the polish pretty heavy duty though, I don't tend to get many chips at all with these polishes and if I do it's after like 5 days of wear which I mean that's pretty cool. The drying time is so frustrating because it can take quite a few minutes, I'd say just stay still for five minutes because even when I think these polishes are dry I still manage to mess them up. 

All faults aside I do think the colour pay off and shades of these polishes makes up for the flaws and I adore the long handle as it gives more grip to the brush which means when I paint my left hand I am a little more confident. The brush size is much thinner than both of the polishes mentioned, which I like for that pinky, but it doesn't effect the time it takes to paint nails or anything else. 

What are your favourite polish colours for spring and summer? Which brands do you love? 

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