Five Fears You Have to Let Go of In Order to Succeed

Five Fears You Have to Let Go of In Order to Succeed

I have so many goals, so many ambitions and I want to accomplish them all, but more often than not I plant seeds of doubt in my head or other people plant them there and I worry about whether I will succeed in life and if achieving my goals and dreams. Lately I have been thinking about this a lot and I have realised I need to let go of my fears.

One thing I think a lot of us struggle with is the fear of not knowing whats next, not having a plan in place, a back up plan and a back up back up plan. For a lot of us it's hard to take that step and put ourselves out there, but if you don't try you'll forever regret it and wonder "what if?" So it is either putting yourself out there and being a little unsure and not in the know for a short period of time or forever not knowing if you would have succeeded. 

Do I send the email? Do I post the blog post? Do I make the jump to Youtube? It's something that seems to be built into us as humans that everyone must like us and everything we do must get a positive response, when in fact that is completely untrue. You email that PR company and they reject your offer to work with them, so what? Do you think they'll remember it? Do you think you'll care three weeks down the line? Stop pulling yourself back from asking just in case the answer is no, stop convincing yourself that you'll always be rejected, because truth is, you're not a psychic, you don't know what the outcome might be.

Five Fears You Have to Let Go of In Order to Succeed

This is one I struggle with, always have and most likely always will, whether it's a test, an exam, blogging, uni, work, I am always scared of failing. It almost stopped me from blogging in the first place, I was so worried I wouldn't get followers or readers, that I'd 'fail' as a blogger, but I took the chance and my blog is gradually growing and gaining readers. I can say when I push past it I always end up grateful I did. If you fail a test or an exam or at something you tried then at least you can say you tried your best and not worry about what might have been. Failure helps us grow and learn, so embrace it, don't hide from it. 

I feel like everyone also struggles with this one. We compare ourselves, our talents, our skills to others and we just make ourselves feel like we will never be as good as blah blah or we will never be good enough to be where someone else is. More often than not I compare my blog to some of the girls out there and I just feel like crap because mine doesn't compare, but these girls started before me, or they had the skills beforehand or their content is more creative or their blogs have a defined niche. There is a range of reasons someone might be "better than you" in your eyes, but I bet there is someone out there looking at you like "I wish I was as good as her". We all start somewhere and you grow and build your skills as you go along, so never feel like you're not good enough because you are and you're learning either way.

Five Fears You Have to Let Go of In Order to Succeed

Now this is a fear that I have sometimes and other times I just do not care about other people's opinions of me. You should never aim to be liked by everyone because it will never happen, just be you and if people like you good, if people don't it is their loss. The process of trying to make everyone like you starts you in the habit of acting like someone else which you should never do. If you just stand back, forget about opinions and spend more time trying to improve and grow then you will go further.

Do you have these fears? How do you feel you can get over them? Any tips and tricks?

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