How to Promote Your Blog Posts

How to Promote Your Blog Posts

I have seen lately that a lot of people are finding it hard to promote their blog posts because they don't really know how to or they don't use social media to the best of their advantage. I LOVE social media for promoting my blog posts and I want to show you how you can draw people into your blog posts.
Twitter is my favourite social media channel for promoting my blog. I love tweeting random things and I feel like Twitter really gives you a good understanding of the blogger who's blog you are on. Not only do you get to follow the lives and random thoughts of other bloggers, but almost every blogger promotes their posts on there and so should you.

Scheduled tweets are such a breeze and they really take a lot of the work off your shoulders. I never used to schedule tweets to promote my posts, but since I began I noticed I don't worry about my blog, I can do other things and not be constantly tweeting AND I get loads more views and followers each day. My favourite Tweet scheduling site and app is Buffer (check them out here), you can schedule up to 10 tweets a day with Buffer, but if you buy the the premium you can schedule as many as you want. I stick to the 10 because I think tweeting more than that's a tad too much. 

I love me a Twitter chat. I recently wrote in my Blogger A-Z some of the chats I take part in, the times and days, so check that out to see some of the best Twitter chats that you need to get involved in. Twitter chats are great for promoting because you can do it while having fun, meeting new bloggers and discussing amazing topics. Most bloggers exchange links at the end of blogger chats by sending their links to anyone who is looking for blog links to find new blogs. You can also post your links while asking for links, but don't do this if you aren't going to read the links sent to you, that's just lying. 

How to Promote Your Blog Posts

A great way to promote your posts on Twitter is to include relevant hashtags. I usually write my promo tweet with my link and then write some of the following; "#bbloggers, #lbloggers, #fbloggers, #thegirlgang or #blogginggal" People reguarly scan through the hashtags to find new bloggers and new blogs to read so adding these to your scheduled tweets means people are seeing your posts. 

Now, I'm not saying you should use clickbait, but all other titles for this paragraph were boring and/or long so I went for clickbait. When you're promoting your post through hashtags and/or scheduled tweets it is important that people actually want to read it, right? So you have to have text that people will read like "Yas girl, lemme read this". This not only means that the text should draw readers in, but your content should be worth reading. 

I'm not the biggest Facebook fan, I don't use it all too often, but a lot of my blog views do come from there and I know I just had to tell you the best ways to use Facebook to your advantage to get some people reading your blog. 

Not every blogger and blogger reader is on Twitter, so make sure you have somewhere for them to find your blog. Have a Facebook page and yes it might be nervewracking, but try sharing it on your private page, it invites new readers into your blog. Also share your facebook page on your blog so people can like it to keep up-to-date and share it on your Twitter page and other social medias. 

Facebook blogger groups are a great thing, you get to meet new bloggers, find new blogs to read and you can promote your own blog posts. Join as many as you want that are relevant to your blog and your topics, I mean don't join a lifestyle bloggers group if you're niche is only beauty or only fashion. 

How to Promote Your Blog Posts

On a lot of these group there is a certain place for you to share your links. With the FBL group each day is designated a social media channel and a status is pinned by the owner asking for Snapchat on a Sunday, Facebook pages on a Monday and so on. So in the status comments you leave your link and can look through the comments to find some people to find and follow on social media. 

On most Facebook group pages you can share your newest posts by posting the link and a description on the groups page and other people who are in the group are notified of this and can have a read of your post if it takes their interest.

I don't find Instagram all that useful, but posting a photo of your blog post onto Instagram can bring in a few new followers and readers. I like to post a photo and use hashtags so other bloggers can find it if they ever have a little gander in the Instagram hashtags, which a lot of people do. The problem with Instagram is the lack of clickable links though. 

Personally I suck at Pinterest and I don't use it to its full advantage, so I am going to tell you some tips I will be taking up about promoting on Pinterest. You should have a "pin me" button on all your blog's photography, which I do. You should always pin at least one photo from your post on your Pinterest and just like Facebook, their are Pinterest groups. By joining these groups you can pin your post onto the shared Pinterest board and allow all the other members to see you have a new post up. 

You can't really do much with Bloglovin, your blog posts post there automatically and people who follow you see your posts and read them and maybe leave a comment. The best way to use Bloglovin is to create quality content that others want to save and thus your post makes it onto the popular page encouraging people who don't follow you to find you. Also reguarly share your Bloglovin link on social media so people can follow you over there and never miss a post. 

What is your favourite social media channel to promote on? Which one do you love most?

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