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Sun Awareness Week
So for me, today marks the first day of summer, I am officially free from university after doing my exam today. If you also didn't know, this week is sun awareness week (9th - 15th May) and it has been pretty sunny up and down the UK this week, which of course is wonderful, but the sun is super damaging to your skin which can result in pre-mature wrinkles and of course skin cancer so it is super important that you keep your skin protected during the summer. 

I have teamed up with the wonderful people at Holland and Barrett to talk to you all about about how I prepare for summer and how to keep your skin safe during the sunny summer months whether you are jetting off to Spain, Bora Bora, the US or like me are staying in the UK this summer you should be protecting your skin.

So as you may know I am not  massive fake tan fan, but of course for those of you who are on the paler side fake tan is a holy grail item for the summer months, getting that sun kissed glow without damaging your sun through sunbathing or going to a sun bed. I love that H&B sent me out a whole set for fake tanning, pre-tanner, fake tan and post-tanner. 

Sun Awareness Week
It is super important to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin cells every once in a while and of course this beauty is made for pre-tanning so you can get a smooth surface and not end up with extremely patchy fake tan a la Geordie Shore season one. I used this guy in the shower and my skin felt so rejuvenated and smooth afterwards, it was like I had a whole new layer of super smooth, fresh skin, perfect for a base when using fake tan or just to get rid of dead skin. This guy has Organic Moroccan Argan oil in it and you guys know how much I love my argan oil, I am obsessed, it smells insane and leaves a glow on the skin, giving it a little polish along the way. I love this and even though I don't tan I will be using this little guy in my shower ALL the time. 

I was also sent a bottle of self tan mousse in medium which I have kindly gifted to my sister. I am not a massive fake tan lover since I have olive skin anyway, but she adores fake tanning. This guy comes out the pump as a white foam and can be rubbed into the skin using a self tanning mitt. My sister has used it and as an avid fake tanner she has noted it as one of the best she's used, it gave her a beautiful tan with almost a golden, sun kissed glow and she smelled wonderful I'm not even going to lie. She wasn't streaky or too dark, it was the perfect colour, perfect scent, perfect everything and she even asked if I can pick her up the body polish exfoliator too as she used mine and loved it. As I said before fake tanning is a wonderful alternative to sunbathing and sun beds as no UV lights are getting to your skin to harm it. 

Sun Awareness Week
For post-tanning needs there is the body lotion tan extender. Which again, smells absolutely wonderful with the same Moroccan Argan Oil as the fake tan and exfoliator. This little beauty is for after you fake tan to keep it lasting longer, a great idea so you don't have to continually top up the tan and make yourself look patchy. My sister didn't use this as we wanted to do a comparison of how long it lasts without it and then with it, so I will update you on that when we try it, but I did have a swatch of this guy on my hand and I really want to use it as a moisturiser, it is incredibly soft, leaving the skin with a glow and super hydrated, so I am keeping this little guy too and picking my sister up her own to use with her fake tan. This would also be a wonderful product if it works with both fake tan and natural tan as you are less likely to go sit by the sun for long periods of time on holiday if your tan is lasting longer, but BE AWARE and use sun tan lotion to protect your sun from those rays.

Sun Awareness Week
Along with the tanning goodies I was sent SPF 25 sun tan lotion, which is vital if you are going out in the sun whether it is the UK or abroad you should always have sun tan lotion on and if you are paler put on a higher coverage. It is important to always be protected from those rays as the sun will harm your skin whether you are bathing in it, doing tourist activities or even just shopping, you should always be protected. This beauty is incredible, I have been applying it before I leave the house lately and I adore the smell. Although I love the smell of conventional sun tan lotions sometimes it can be overpowering and a little too much, but with this guy it isn't too strong, nor too weak, it is a perfect fresh, clean smell which is probably because of the aloe vera, which is wonderful for your skin. It's super smooth and gentle, rubs on with no problems and leaves the skin super smooth and of course it protects you, what more could you want?

Next up is the wonderful lip balm, if you know me at all you will know lip balms are my weakness, every jacket, every bag has one I even keep out in my pillowcase... yes in my pillowcase (even though one sits on my beside table). I have used A LOT of lip balms, but this one is for sure one I will be buying time and time again. It is so hydrating and no matter how much I lick my lips it seems to still be there, it contains SPF 10 which is again super important and I a a sucker for lip balms with SPF in them. It can feel a little dry and tuggy when you are applying it to your lips, but the moisture just sinks in and it doesn't matter. It has no colour which is perfect if you want to apply some lipstick on top.

The last protection product I was gifted is the incognito zap-ease clip strip which I just noticed I didn't take a photo of, but I will attach a link to it at the bottom for you to see it. This is to use when on holiday in a warm climate to get rid of the itch left from bug bites. I am sadly not going on holiday this summer, but I will be keeping this little guy for when I am as I think it is amazing that these exist. It's tiny, super easy to carry around with you and has a little strap so you can keep it on your wrist easy to whip out at the sign of a bug bite. I really want to zap everyone with it though, totally looks like one of those little things you had as a joke in school to give people shocks. 

Sun Awareness Week
I take vitamins on a daily basis which you may or may not know, I have a horrible immune system and without them I catch every bug, every cold, every runny nose going around, so I was super excited to see H&B had sent me some over. Especially since I buy all my vitamins from there anyway.

So first of all there is the vitamin D3 25ug. I actually was born with a vitamin deficiency and I am almost 100% sure it was vitamin D so I found this extremely ironic that I got these sent over to me. I have been taking them of course I had to rearrange my usual vitamin regime just in case I caused any problems to myself by taking a multivitamin and these guys. It's been about a week, maybe just under and I actually feel like I am more healthy than when I was taking a multivitamin, maybe it was just vitamin D I was lacking, but my sister came down with a horrible cold and despite spending a lot of time with her I didn't catch it, which may or may not be down to these little guys. I also read they are good for joint problems, which I think it true because I have TMJ and I have been in a lot less pain lately so I'd also put these down to that. 

Vitamin D is in the sun, so while it is nice and sunny you are getting it from the rays, but if you're keeping yourself in the shade or staying indoors to protect your wonderful skin then these are fabulous for you, keeping your skin healthy as well as your teeth, utilising the calcium in your bones and so on. 

The tan tablets I am yet to try, but since I am not a massive fan of fake tanning I really want to try these guys, I just have one problem, you need to have at least a little sun exposer with them and I have been cooped up in my room studying so I wanted to wait until I have the time to be in the sun a little, so I will update you guys on that one. 

All of the skin items are organic which is wonderful as they are safer and gentler on your skin and they are all paraben free which is essential.

Have you used these products? Which do you love? What are you using to protect your skin this summer?

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Disclaimer: All items were gifted by Holland and Barretts, but all opinions are my own.

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