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What's in my bag (ft. New Look Black contract zip pocket structured bag
If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may know I bought this little beautiful structured bag from New Look and I am so in love with it I thought I would feature it in today's post. I am an avid concert goer and I find it so difficult to have a bag small enough that it doesn't get in the way during seated concerts, but big enough to carry my essentials, that is until I found this little gorgeous guy. Not only will he be perfect for concerts, but for shopping trips, dinner and brunches, I am so obsessed. 
What it is in my bag
First of let's talk about the actual bag, such a little beauty, I got it when I popped into New Look, originally I wanted to step out my comfort zone and go for the red version, but when I saw this little guy was the last one of the two toned black and purple version of the bag I just had to snatch him up. It is a faux leather looking purse with two firm, stiff handles on top and a long detachable handle to make it a cross-body. I am lover of cross-bodies, I'm just too lazy to carry my bag in my hand all day, y'know? So this beaut is perfect! 

What it is in my bag - purse
Of course a purse is an essential in my bag. This guy takes up about 40% of the bag so I really do need to get myself a smaller one for during the evening, but with the 50 dozen cards I carry I just can't get a smaller one that seems usable for me. This faux leather camel toned purse was actually from Primark, yes I was just as shocked, the gold detail definitely gives the illusion it's much more expensive than it looks. 

What it is in my bag - makeup
Of course every gal needs a little makeup in her bag for touching up during the evening whether it be adding some lipstick after a meal or covering those dark circles that are starting to show. I carry four makeup products with me during the evening. 

Lipstick. This beauty is Spirit by MAC and currently one of my favourite nude lipsticks, defnitely one I love to pair with a dramatic cat eye for the evening. 
Bronzer. I like to touch up my contour from time to time depending on how well it has stayed put during the evening. I am loving this liquid bronzer Dew the Hoola by Benefit and just done a review on it, click here to read it.
Concealer. Of course we all need to carry a little concealer with us to touch up on our blemishes from time to time. This is a little duo set you can get in Boots by Benefit, it is not a year round product, but is back in stores for a limited time only. A set of Boi-ing concealer which is of course very well loved and Eye Bright a little under eye brightener. 
Highlight. I recently bought this little guy from L'Oreal, the Lumi Magique touch of light - highlighting pen. I started using it recently and find it so convenient for throwing in your bag. It gives a great glow and shade 2 is the perfect tone for my skintone. 

What it is in my bag - essentials
Lastly, here are the things I think are essential in a bag wherever you are and whenever you're going. If you carry none of the above then you have to be carrying these three items. 

Lipbalm. If you don't carry lip balm, who are you and how do you deal with chapped lips? I am obsessed with lipbalm I have one in everybag, jacket and drawer. I am loving Nivea's fruity range and right now am carrying the peach one all the time. 
Hand sanitiser. I always carry hand sanatiser, if I don't I just feel gross. Whether it's from lack of soap in a public bathroom or I accidentally touched chewing gum or the usual is that I went to MAC and can't see wipes to wipe my arm of swatches away, I need hand sanitiser with me at all times. I love The Body Shops Range especially the satsuma scent. 
Hand cream. The essential in winter, I don't know if I'll continue to carry this as the warmer weather breaks through, but during the cold months Soap and Glory Hand Food saved my hands from cracking and looking gross af. Forever grateful, plus it smells like heaven on Earth, especially the sugar crush one. 

What do you carry in your bag? Do you switch your bag up a lot? 

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