Battle of the Hoolas: Liquid Vs. Powder

Liquid Hoola Vs. Powder Hoola

If you know me at all you will know that one of my holy grail products for the past three years has been Hoola by Benefit. Lately, the brand released a new version Hoola, a liquid on (click here for my review) and of course I couldn't help myself, but pick it up. I use both Hoola products reguarly and I love them both, but really... which one should you buy? 
Now of course the consistency of one is liquid and the consistency of the other is powder, but they both have different factors to take into account when you think of their consistency, like will they work for your skin type? Liquid Hoola in the red corner is a beautiful smooth, soft consistency that works with any skin type. Perfect for dry skin as the liquid consistency don't seep into crack or crevices, works with oily skin with it's super matte finish. Powder Hoola over here in the blue corner, just isn't working up to the standards of liquid. For oily skin it is a perfect match, the powder and matte finish calming the extra shine, but for dry skin it is a no-goer, creeping into the cracks.
Liquid Hoola: 1 Powder Hoola: 0

Now for those who love a very deep bronzed look, which product should you be using? In the red corner liquid is a deep bronzed shade, pat some under your cheek bones and it can be quite deep already, pat some more on and it is easy to blend into the layer below, very buildable. In the blue corner powder Hoola is also looking confident, by tapping the edge of your brush it is super simple to adjust how much you want to use, the layers merge perfectly together. Overall though, building Hoola can be dangerous territory, the deep matte colour can have your cheeks looking slightly dirty if you apply just a little too much. It's a tie for both parties, but they both lose half a mark for the dirty look.
Liquid Hoola: 1.5 Powder Hoola: 0.5

Liquid Hoola Vs. Powder Hoola

If you have bought anything from Benefit you know their packaging is absolutely beautiful. Red corner sees the gorgeous rose gold liquid shimmering in the light, while the blue corner sees the beautiful purple boxed powder. Liquid is in a tube of some sort, absolutely gorgeous and Hawaiian themed, handbag sized, easy to keep closed BUT you have to be extra careful with the pump, it is very easy to squeeze out too much. Powder on the other hand is a gorgeous purple boxed powder with a magnetic clip and mirror on the lid, easy to throw in your handbag and with a handy brush it is simple to use no matter where you are. The powder is beneficial as you can tap the excess back into the box and don't overload the brush.
Liquid Hoola: 1.5 Powder Hoola: 1.5

Both sides look confident in their corners. In the red we have liquid with it's perfect matte finish, keeping it in place shouldn't be an issue... or is it? I have worn this product many times since my original review, so I will give you a little update that wearing it alone it can sometimes fade, which I was quite shocked about, setting sprays help, BUT in the blue corner we have powder and what do all powders do to liquids? SET them, with powder on top of liquid not only does both products last all day, but you can build on top of liquid with some extra powder without overdoing it. 
Liquid Hoola: 1.5 Powder Hoola: 2.5

Liquid Hoola Vs. Powder Hoola

Bronzer can reguarly be used for contouring, but which of these product will be your contour go to? In the red corner liquid is easy to apply and blend, can be difficult to build up, but you can do it if you are careful. In the blue corner powder is a powder and some find this harner to contour with because you can't put the product in place and then blend. 
Liquid Hoola: 2.5 Powder Hoola: 2.5

Now I am still not finished my liquid Hoola, so this one may be slightly inaccurate, but we shall see. In the red corner we have the beautiful bottled liquid, with the slight problem with pumping out too much product you can imagine this lovely product may not last AS long as powder in the blue corner. I buy a new powder Hoola like once a year, not even joking, it lasts FOREVER, whereas I don't think I am going to be as lucky with liquid, I'd say liquid being used multiple times a week will last about 6 months, maybe just over that, both packages do carry a hefty amount of product and I do think compared to similar products they last at least double the time.
Liquid Hoola: 2.5 Powder Hoola: 3

Now this is just personal opinion, maybe you prefer liquid to powder, and I know I for sure will be a regular repurchaser of both, but if you are buying Hoola for the first time I think classic powder is how you should go, unless you have dry skin then liquid is your gal. I love how both products work together, I find using both helps it last longer, it makes building the product much easier.

Do you have Hoola? Do you want a hoola? What's your favourite bronzer?

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