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I see so many bloggers feeling insecure about their blog and although I do get insecure like them, just yesterday I had a really off day, I feel so bad when I see wonderful bloggers unconfident in their content. Of course it is completely normal for bloggers to feel insecure in their work, everyone gets a little insecure from time to time. Of course it's not a nice way to feel however, and I have some ways to prevent it.

Don't think you're abnormal because you have off days and feel low. It is completely normal to lack confidence from time to time, it proves how much you care about your blog and the content you put out. Even the most successful bloggers, I am sure, have their down days where they want to pull the cover over their head because their blog isn't up to the standards they want it to be.

Last night I was sat reading through my favourite blogs and finding some new blogs when I was just overwhelmed by a fear of not being good enough. I suddenly worried that these blogs were so much better than mine, the writing styles, the photography, the content, I started to wonder if I was even good enough to follow these blogs.

And just like that I was in a state of self destruction, I was sat staring at my laptop screen telling myself I wasn't good enough, that my blog wasn't good enough, but why? Why do I do this to myself? Isn't it so silly that I got myself into this state of mind? I willingly allowed myself to feel bad about my blog.

Blog Insecurities
The most important thing though is to not let these insecurities affect your enjoyment in blogging, why blog when it makes you feel miserable? It's also important to not become engrossed in these feelings and let them affect your mentality. Here are some ways I get over my blogging insecurities.

Comparisons are the devil of blogging. If you compare yourself to other bloggers you become engrossed in it, you can't stop. That person has a better layout, but that girl has a unique writing style, but she has a more popular blog. STOP THIS as soon as you see yourself doing it, yes it is hard, but you have to remember that each individual is different and each blogs grows at its own speed, whether you take longer to gain readers or longer to find your individual style, it doesn't matter. Successful blogs aren't created in a day and it can take months even years of hard work and effort to get to where your favourite bloggers are. Here is a post on how I channel my envy for blogs into motivation.

Stop reading your blog, stop reading other blogs, shut down that laptop go read a book, hang out with friends, watch a movie, do a puzzle. Take your mind off the situation and give yourself time to calm down before returning to your blog. Don't rush into changing features, deleting posts and copying other bloggers, let yourself cool down, do nothing in the heat of the moment.

I like to do this when I feel down about my blog, of course I adore blogging and I find myself thinking about posts all day long, so I obviously do appreciate the good parts of blogging and of my individual blog. Do you like your photography? Do you like your individual style? Do you like that you help others? Whatever it is write 10 things you love down and read them over whenever you are feeling insecure and like you're not good enough.

Blog Insecurities

Look into what is making you envy these other bloggers, is it their hard work ethic? Their photography? Their contents. Without copying get some inspiration from them. Do they stay up all night making sure they have everything scheduled for the following day? Maybe. Their success didn't come from nothing and neither will yours. Don't be afraid to talk to these bloggers either, of course bloggers like inthefrow and Zoella are almost impossible to get a conversation with, but they probably have blog posts or videos talking about their routine. Smaller bloggers will most likely be willing to talk to you about how they got to where they are.

Of course once you calm down it isn't bad to change a few things about your blog. Maybe your layout isn't quite what you want, look for a new one or check out HTML posts online for info on how to DIY it. (Here are links to my HTML posts: here and here). Are you not getting as many readers and followers as you hoped? Look into promoting more across social media accounts, use some scheduling tools.

Keep a collection of nice comments you have received that made you happy to be blogging and read them over when you're feeling insecure and worthless. I like to favourite tweets and go back and read them when I am down, some may say that's vain, but if it helps you feel better what does it matter?

At the end of the day there will be smaller bloggers than you reading your posts wishing they were more like you, there will be people viewing you as their inspiration and envying your blog. You started a blog, something you most likely wanted to do for a long time, something so many people are scared to do. Be proud of yourself for that, be proud that you're continually putting yourself out there and have gained as many readers as you already have.

Do you have any tips for those of us feeling insecure about our blogs? Any stories to share? 

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