Blogging A-Z

Blogging A to Z

I've been seeing a lot of confusion over how blogging actually works and the ins and outs of it, I've saw a lot of new bloggers confused over how to promote or use social media to their advantage, I've saw a lot of established bloggers getting a little lost in blogging and above all I have been seeing quite a bit of stigma surrounding blogging lately. It's hard to understand totally unless you blog and even being a blogger you can still get confused, so what better way to pull everything there is about blogging together into a Blogging A to Z?

A is for... Advertising
Advertising happens a lot in blogging, whether you are advertising on someone else's blog or someone is advertising on you, sooner or later you will come across the word advertising as a blogger. Now advertising on blogs usually costs money and depending on how established that blogger is depends on how you will benefit from said advertising. If you want to advertise on your blog you can, but it's up to you if you will ask for payments or where the advertisement will be. The advertisements are usually the bloggers logo or header on your blog's sidebar or something that links to their blog, pretty simple, huh? 

B is for... Bloglovin
Oh Bloglovin how I love you. Bloglovin is a website that you can link to your blog allowing people to follow you and you can follow people. It's pretty simple and one of the best places to keep track of all your favourite blogger's posts. Think of it like the Youtube subscription box of the blogging world. Also, I am 20 followers away from my April goal, click here to give me a follow and help a gal out. 

C is for... Commenting
Whether you comment on other people's blogs or other people comment on your posts it is a great way to converse with your readers and communicate with the blogosphere. Some people leave their links at the bottom of their comments, this can be a bit of a hassle if you change your url or you write it wrong because it creates a broken link and has to be deleted for SEO purposes. To comment your url the best way is to use this simple code <a href="INSERT URL HERE">WRITE BLOG NAME HERE</a>

D is for... Design
Your blog layout and design is super important, especially if you want to take blogging seriously. Most bloggers buy layouts from the likes of pipdig or Etsy. You can also alter your URL by learning some HTML tips (See H for more info).

E is for... Email
If you are taking blogging seriously and want to work with PRs and companies you should think about setting up a separate blogging email address. Most people use the likes of gmail for this, but you can buy a custom email at GoDaddy along with a custom domain, which is also important if you want to take blogging seriously. 

F is for... Facebook
There are a lot of opportunities on Facebook, for example you can have a Facebook page for your blog so non-bloggers and Facebook friends can keep up-to-date with your posts. There are also blogger groups on Facebook which you can join to share your links and new posts. My favourite is FBL: Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers. 

G is for... Growth
Overtime your blog will grow and evolve just like you do as a person, it is important to evolve with your blog, don't continue to post content you aren't really into just because it gets you viewers and followers. Allow your blog to grow.

H is for... HTML
HTML is the making up of your website, the coding that enables your blog to look how it does. If you need help with HTML I have two posts here and here.

Blogging A to Z

I is for... Instagram
Instagram is a social media which bloggers seem to love. It can be fun to post some snaps of your food, yourself or your day on here and by using hashtags such as 'bbloggers', 'lbloggers', 'fbloggers' other bloggers from your niche can find you and follow you. Most bloggers have a theme on Instagram, which makes their profiles look beautiful, but you don't have to have one. 

J is for... Jealousy 
Blog envy sucks, but everyone goes through it established or not. I like to turn my envy into motivation and have a post here on how to do it. If you are comparing yourself to other bloggers do not feel abnormal it happens to the best of us. Instead use that to motivate you to be a better blogger.

K is for... Keeping Up
No, not with the Kardashians. Keep your blog going, I am not telling you to force yourself to blog when you're not feeling it, in fact my rule is to do the opposite, but you shouldn't let your self-esteem stop you. If you love blogging and enjoy it then don't let anyone stop you, including yourself, you never know what it may lead to! 

L is for... Links
Links are important, you can link everyone to your blog and all your social media channels. I like to share my link on Twitter to promote my post throughout the day and I like to give my links out to bloggers after Twitter chats (see T), I also have my links clearly at the top of my blog and add them to the bottom of blog posts. Having your links up allows others to find your other media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Youtube. 

M is for... Money
Money can be a touchy subject when it comes to blogging. Should bloggers get paid for what they do? Do we get paid enough? Why are we getting paid. Most importantly you should know that not all bloggers are getting paid for posts and not all bloggers are getting paid through money. Bloggers can be paid through products, PR samples, events and so on. If you aren't making money as a blogger don't think it means you aren't important. Money is not the be all and end all of blogging.

N is for... Niche
Here I am a beauty and lifestyle blogger telling you how to blog and what it means to blog... my point is you don't need a niche. You can post freely about a range of topics or you can narrow it down to one, it's a personal choice, but do not put yourself in a box if you aren't comfortable. 

O is for... Organisation
Bloggers do not get to wake up at 3 in the day, hop on a computer, write out a post and bam it is done. A lot of prep and organisation goes into each individual post, don't underestimate bloggers. We have to have the perfect time to take photos, make time to write posts that are of quality, edit photography, read comments, promote, comment, socialise and of course live our lives. It takes a lot of organisation skill.

P is for... Promoting
It is important to promote your blog posts across social media otherwise how will people find them?! My favourite is Twitter and I gain a lot of readers from Twitter. You can tweet once a day or twenty times a day, it's not that big a deal, as long as you aren't promoting every five seconds. Facebook you can promote onto your personal and/or blog page and in Facebook group pages, but be careful about the group's rules on sharing posts, some don't like it. Instagram doesn't allow clickable links, but tweeting a photo about your post can help if your link is in your bio. Snapchat can also help if you have bloggers on there take a video or photo of your new post to tell everyone. 

Blogging A to Z

Q is for... Quality
If your posts aren't very good quality people won't want to read them. A post of five words is boring, a post no one is interested in is boring. Try to come up with quality topics and write posts that people will enjoy and you enjoy writing, add personality, be fun.

R is for... Reading
Reading other blogs is fun and making time for it allows you to read what everyone else is interested in right now, whether it be the makeup of the month or some blogging tips reading blogs is always helpful. Plus, if you're not reading blogs why would you expect others to read yours? You get what you give out, and it's fun, seriously. 

S is for... SEO 
SEO means Search Engine Optimisation. This means that your posts are high on Google's ranking and come up above other posts. I am still trying to figure this out, but some tips I will tell you are have posts of over 300 words, create a custom URL, name your photos as you put them onto your computer, write a search description for each post and give photographs ATL text. 

T is for... Twitter
Twitter is where I get many of my views from thanks to promoting and Twitter chats. Most bloggers are on Twitter so it is easy to find fellow bloggers on there. I like to promote my tweets by using hashtags on twitter i.e. 'bbloggers' which is beauty bloggers or 'lbloggers' which is lifestyle bloggers. There are also pages which will share your posts if you tag them such as @TheGirlGangHQ, @RT_Bloggers and many, many more. Most importantly there are Twitter chats where you can talk to other bloggers and exchange links. 
Here is a list of some of the chats I take part in as a beauty and lifestyle blogger.

Monday - #TheGirlGang at 6pm
              - #bdib at 7pm

Tuesday - #fblchat at 8pm

Wednesday - #lbloggers at 7pm
                   - #bbloggers at 8pm

Thursday -  #crazybloggers at 7pm

Friday - #gbloggers at 7pm
           - #bdib at 8pm

Saturday - #fblchat at 3pm 
               - #socialbloggers at 6pm

Sunday - #lbloggers at 7pm
             - #bbloggers at 8pm

 U is for... Unconfident 
Everyone gets a little unconfident in their blog, we start to worry if we have readers, if our posts are just a bunch of crap. It happens to us all, maybe we just can't think of some posts or we are having a crappy day. Just take some time away, don't fret over it. 

V is for... Visuals
The visual elements of a blog are just as important as the written elements. I love to see clear, pretty and fantastically edited blog photos, it just makes the blog more appealing, but you don't have to worry about getting a fancy camera, just an iphone and some photoshop will do. I use my iphone and I swear by photoshop for adjusting brightness. 

W is for... Wordpress or blogger?
I use blogger, for me it is simpler, easier to edit and post on and I just couldn't imagine using another platform, but a lot of bloggers swear by Wordpress despite it not being entirely free. It is a personal choice, but if you are unhappy with one you can take your whole blog over to the other.

X is for... Xtras
I actually hate the name of this one, so cringey, but you have to give yourself a little something extra when blogging. Don't be a robot, show your personality, crack a joke, just be yourself. It gives you something no one else has. 

Y is for... Youtube
Not all bloggers have Youtube and not all Youtubers have blogs, but the both go hand in hand. It tends to be bloggers do like to have a Youtube too and I would love to evolve onto Youtube, but I am scared. It's totally up to you if you want to have a Youtube too. Just do what feels right. 

Z is for... Zoella
We have all experienced it. You tell someone you have a blog and their response is "Oh like that Zoella girl" NO NO NO. I have no problem with Zoella, but not all bloggers are wanting to be her. In fact I personally wouldn't categorise her as a blogger, she is a Youtuber. Stop assuming we want to be like her, please and thank you.

Wow that was a long post, have I missed anything? Any letters you'd change the word for? 

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