What does blogging mean to me?

What does blogging mean for me?
Blogging is something I love, it's something I have became passionate about, I get defensive when people make nasty comments about bloggers and blogging, I am so happy and excited to tell people about blogging and my blog. I am proud of what I have created over here on heythererobyn.com, it's my own little piece of the internet that I love to show off and promote. It wasn't always like this for me, I was embarrassed to say I blogged for so long, I hid it away from people I knew, but now what blogging is has completely changed for me, it's not just something I do anymore, it's something I want to do.  

I have always loved to write, I have always wrote little things here and there, for a while I thought I wanted to be an author, I wanted to write fiction, but I got really bored easily with that, I would write about a four chapters and forget about it, then I'd start a new one and abandon that too. I mean I could get a ghost writer... nah, I am kidding, but I realised book writing just wasn't for me, I don't have the patience. I mean maybe one day I will opt back for that, but for now it's not a goal. Then I thought journalism was what I wanted, I'd still quite like to dabble in a little journalism, but for me having it as a career for the rest of my life was daunting, there are so many rules, so many restrictions. Then I found blogging, I get to write as much as I want, whenever I want about whatever I want and guess what? I am in charge, so no rules, no restrictions. I have a passion for writing and blogging fills that passionate void. 

I feel like blogging has helped me find out a lot about myself, like I had no idea I could do this, I mean my blog is like a year old, I've been doing this for just over a year... I can actually keep something going for that long?! I have grown with my blog and looking back at older posts I can see everything changing from my style of posts to my writing techniques. I've found out a lot about myself along the way and day by day I am realising more new things about myself because of blogging. Not only that, but I am growing and gaining new skills, look back at my first post then this one my writing is better, my photography is better, my confidence has grown, I'm a new person thanks to blogging. 

What does blogging mean for me?COMMUNITY
Through blogging I have met so many people I have so much in common with that I would never have met otherwise, some come from Scotland too, others England, some even the US and Australia, I'd have never met these people, but I have because we all blog. These people I like to think of as my friends and they make me feel normal because they also write online about beauty and fashion and their lives. I guess really...  you could say we are a bunch of weirdos really, but oh well, we love what we are doing. 

The fact that a simple thing I can write online whether it be about HTML or a beauty product or a lifestyle post can help another person makes me so happy. Whenever I get a comment on a post like "this was really useful" or "this helped me a lot" I get the biggest cheesiest grin because it's all I intend, I just want to help others really and I am able to do that by doing what I love, writing. It's amazing, I don't know these people, but something I write on here can help them get through a tough weak or it can get open up a new skill for them. Whether my help is in life or materialistic, I don't really care, if I can help someone in some way it's gonna make me happy. 

I really enjoy writing my blog, it makes me so happy to just get home and write up a blog post or ten, it's so relaxing and makes me feel so calm after a stressful week of uni and exam prep. Blogging is something that although could potentially become a full time thing one day or could potentially make me money, it's something I love. I mean how many people can say that one day their hobby can potentially make them money? (I guess the amount of people who own a blog, right? but forget that for a second, this is about me, haha no I kid, I kid).

What does blogging mean for me?

Pressure, boredom, a chore. Once blogging becomes a chore, or something I'm not enjoying it will probably be when I stop blogging, but I don't see that ever happening. For now I am so obsessed with blogging and having my little blog. 
Money, internet fame and sponsorship. For me blogging will never be about that. Of course it would be great to have Zoella's salary and be as popular and internet famous as inthefrow or Sarah Ashcroft, but it's not what I set out with, I don't blog hoping I get loads of money or fame or that companies will work with me. 

What does blogging mean to you? Do you think that blogging should be a choir? 

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