I am not Dumb

I am not dumb.

I have been very hesitant on doing this post because it's very different and almost a rant, like I have previously said isn't very me, but it is something I have experienced recently in all aspects of my life. Being a girl can be quite hard (just like being a guy, I'm sure), it's a world filled with judgements and harsh whispered rumours, it can be difficult to be confidence in yourself, in a world so set on making you feel small. As a blogger it can be harder, but let me lay out what I want to say in this post: I am not dumb.

So I am a beauty, lifestyle and fashion blogger, but when I say this to people all they hear is beauty, their first thoughts are 'airhead', 'dumb' and many more negative connotations of the word. Why is that? Why do people automatically assume that anyone interested in how they look and make up is automatically unintelligent and dim? That in itself is dumb.

Yes, I enjoy make up and I like to look well presented, but why does that have to be a bad thing? I am not dumb, I am a third year student in university studying social science and media, I take modules in journalism, research studies, politics, ideologies and more, I get As and Bs, I can write a 1500 word essay in one sitting. In fact I can speak French and my favourite subject in high school was maths. Must I humble brag more to prove to you that I am not an airhead?

I am judged every day, I put make up on because I must care about looking good more than getting good grades, I am judged because I post online about the beauty products I use and the ways in which I use them, I am thought to care too highly about how I look and be shallow or naive. Truth is I care about how I look at certain times and moments in life, I like to feel confident in myself and wearing make up helps this. I would rather be friends with someone I don't find terribly attractive, but has a good heart than someone absolutely gorgeous who is a horrid person. Looks are not everything for me, as like most other make up fans and wearers.

As for bloggers, we blog about beauty and make up because we enjoy wearing it, sharing our experiences and helping others, we don't blog about it because it is all we know. I mean to some it might be and that's not a bad thing. Being in the know about news and politics doesn't make you any smarter than those who aren't, people have different levels and types of intelligence. Someone may know all there is to know about human biology and another person knows all there is to know about European politics, we can't judge who is more intelligent because it is two different sectors of study, so why is it someone who knows all there is to know about make up is automatically the least intelligent of the bunch?

In fact, in my opinion, all bloggers are super intelligent. Not only do bloggers know a whole bunch on make up and cosmetics or fashion and style or whatever their niche may be, they also own a piece of the internet that attracts readers. This shows a business mind, literacy skills, promotional skills, PR skills, people skills. Bloggers write all the time, we create articles online that people take the time out of their day to read, that in itself proves we are intelligent and have skills more than 'how to apply eyeshadows', which fyi, is a pretty tricky skill to learn, so don't talk bad about anyone who brags about their blending skills, instead send them way, please and thank you.

Okay, so I ranted a little and I swear I could talk about this subject forever, but I don't want to bore you all. What I am getting at is that being interested in beauty is not a bad thing and it does not make someone dumb, being a beauty blogger or vlogger shows more skill than lack of and you should try doing it before judging us. I am not dumb, my fellow make up lovers and bloggers/vloggers are not dumb (well... this could be debated, there are a few I worry about...*). Stop judging people because of their interests and looks and start judging people by their character.

So do you agree? Are you tired of being judged because of your interests? Or do you judge people for theirs? 

*The part marked with a star is a joke, please don't take it seriously.

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