REVIEW: Mary-Lou Manizer

Mary Loumanizer, MAC lipstick in Spirit and Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray.

I have a confession, I really love highlighter, like really love it. I could wear so much I look like a "glazed doughnut" and love it, or like I do on the day to day wear it lightly so I look like I have a natural glow and my face just naturally reflects the sunlight. My new favourite product for achieving either of these looks is the Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm.

 First of all can we talk about how bloody adorable the packaging of The Balm products are? I love that Mary Lou is a character and one of the three Manizer sisters, I think it makes the products so much more cute and I am a sucker for cute packaging and products. 

The product is a powder highlight and you can apply it using your favourite highlight brush, an eyeshadow brush or even your finger, anything works with this little guy and it applies so effortlessly and blends perfectly so you have no white lines, which other highlighters may leave you with.

The colour of this highlighter is a very yellow toned gold with quite a lot of very small sparkles which work to create dimension and reflect light giving that effortless glisten which makes this product so beautiful.

Unlike other yellow toned highlighters this highlighter seems to suit every single skin tone and not just the few olive skin toned gals and guys out there.

I like to apply this little guy with a highlighter brush along my cheekbones, down my nose, on the tip of my nose, under the brows and on my cupids bow. By applying one layer I can create an everyday look with minimal effort, my face glows from certain angles and it doesn't look very over done or like a glazed doughnut which I love for going to uni every day or hanging out with friends.

This look gives dimension to my face and gives me a natural looking glow on the high prominent features of my face which the light hits more. By applying it to my cheekbones it also gives them more definition and makes them look much more prominent than they actually are, which of course I am a huge fan of.

Mary-Lou Manizer on the cheekbone.

If I am wanting a much more dewy and dramatic look I can build on this minimal look by adding more product than usual, doing a few layers of the powder and carefully blending it out so the product is not just sat on top of my skin.

The only problem I do have with this product is that it is very powdery, if you don't blend it correctly it can just look like a powdery mess, I don't see any flash back though, but I don't tend to use flash photography. This is one of the first powder highlighters I have used and I do prefer it to the likes of Makeup Revolution, but I plan on buying Nars illuminator which is a liquid highlighter and I will compare the different consistences.

I do find that it transfers extremely easy, but this seems to be the situation with most highlighters, if you apply it to the tip of your nose it will transfer onto your coffee cup, but I do find it has staying power like no other, I can apply it once in the morning and will actually only have to reapply it to the tip of my nose despite having make up on for over 12 hours.

Have you used this product? What is your favourite highlighter? Tell me so I can buy them all 

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