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As you may know I have been getting laser hair removal done on my armpits since summer of last year with Transform on a trial and review basis. In two weeks I will be going in for my second last round of treatment and I thought it was well overdue that I post an FAQ for you all. I am forever getting asked questions in person, on Twitter, Facebook, emails and I thought it would be easier to answer them all in the one easy to access place. Hopefully if you are thinking of getting laser hair removal treatment yourself this post gives you some much needed information on the procedure.


Does it hurt? 
Yes, I won't lie to you, it does hurt, but it's a very bearable pain that only lasts a few minutes. However, everyone has a different pain threshold so I can only say from my personal experience. Sometimes it hurts more than others specifically around that time of the month if you're a girl.

What does it feel like? 
Warm, there is no real other way to describe it. It doesn't start out too warm, but as the laser heats up it becomes more intense. There is also a slight tugging feeling during the first few rounds of treatment. You can of course ask for it to be stopped for a few seconds if the heat becomes too intense, during this time Marie would run the smooth end of the laser over my skin to help sooth it.

How many treatments do you go for? 
With different areas of skin you would go for different amounts of time and you can book in for as many sessions as you think you need. For me I am getting the full treatment which for arm pits is 8, I will attend my 7th in a couple of weeks,

How long does it take? 
Again, different areas of skin take different amounts of time. Speaking for arm pits each one took no more that 5 minutes. Marie would go over each pit with the laser twice.

How often do you go? 
Every 6 weeks for 8 sessions. Sometimes they move it to every 8 weeks for the last few sessions, this isn't accurate with mine though.

Why Transform?
Like I said I am getting my treatment done by Transform for free on a trial and review basis, but I will say that if I am to get more laser hair removal or any other surgical or non-surgical procedure done Transform will be the place I go. You know everyone is qualified in their area, everything is clean and sterile, nothing is rushed and the staff are the loveliest people you will ever meet. In the Glasgow clinic they also have a laser with a cool tip end which helps with the heat.

How much does it cost? 
Once again, it varies with where you want to get the treatment done and how many sessions you want to go for. For underarms it costs £269 for the eight treatment which is the full treatment.

Will you get more? 
Yes, I definitely want to, I am so pleased with how well it is going and for someone with olive skin it is a god send. I'd love to get my legs done.

Why armpits? 
I have mentioned my reasoning before, but I will say again I have problems with my underarms, my skin doesn't react well to razors, I have tried multiple brands and nothing changes I always get irritated and bumps so I thought the less often I have to shave them the better. I also don't know if it's just me, but shaving has a habit of leaving a shadow and it's horrid.

Why don't you post pictures of the procedure? 
I have to wear goggles as does Marie when the procedure is being done because of the laser so I don't think it would be safe. I will however ask if I can get a photo of the machine for my next update if you would like?

How well has it worked? 
Incredible well, I hardly have to shave them between sessions, my hairs are finer and lighter in colour and texture.

Do you still have to shave your armpits? 
Yes, not as often, I shave mine about every week and a half and sometimes they don't even look like they need done at that point. Before this I was shaving them every 3-5 days.

Did you do your research beforehand?
Yes, I recommend you do if you are planning to go ahead, it put me at ease which of course meant I wasn't as scared or shaky for the first procedure.

Is there recovery time after sessions or are you free to do as you please? 
Free to do as you please, except wear moisturiser or deodorants until the next day, and you shouldn't use soap on that area if you are bathing afterwards.

How do I prepare for treatments?
For your consultation they ask that you have hair in that area so they can work out how well the treatment will work, how many sessions you should get and what your skin type is.  For other sessions shave the area the day/night before and use no deodorants or moisturisers on the area beforehand.

I forgot to shave before my treatment, what do I do? 
Tell the person who is working the laser, if it is early days they may refuse to go ahead and ask to reschedule the treatment, if you are further along they may be able to go ahead, each case is different, but do not lie.

Which area can you get laser hair removal on?
Of course there are the usual area; armpits, legs, bikini, but you can get it anywhere they see as safe. Transform list the places on their website so check it out.

I have listed all of the areas I can think of, if you have any more questions then feel free to pop them below and I will get back to you.

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Do you want to get laser hair removal? Have you ever considered it? 

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*Disclaimer: I am receiving the laser treatment free of charge in return for blogging about it, however all opinions are my own*

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