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As a blogger it is very normal to sometimes lose some confidence in your blog. You look at other bloggers gaining more views, getting more followers and working with more companies and you worry that maybe your not as good. It is not always the case however, we all work at different paces, but it is important that you unlock your blog's full potential. Working hard on your blog is not just satisfying, but it opens opportunities for you and here are some tips for unlocking that potential.

It isn't a bad thing to care for how many followers you have, to care about your views and comments. It is forever being implied and pushed at bloggers that caring for stats is a bad thing, it isn't, it motivates, it gives you ambition and goals and provokes you to care more about what you are putting online, allowing you to better yourself and your blog. Setting goals for how many followers you inspire to gain over the next month isn't a bad thing, let it push you and promotes you to improve your content. Just care more about your passion and enjoyment more, because they should be your main motivation.

Don't be afraid to promote your blog across social media, don't worry that your being annoying and people won't like it, of course posting the same tweet 6 times in the one millisecond would encourage unfollowers and unlikes, but posting the link to your blog post every so often encourages more views. It allows people to find your blog and maybe even forward on your links to their followers and blog readers. I like to tweet mine throughout the day, I post it onto my Facebook page, I pin my photography and I post a photo onto my Instagram.

Using hashtags on Twitter encourages people who don't follow you to read your posts.If someone searches for that hashtag they can come across your post and be interested in reading it, they therefore may become a regular reader. One of my favourites is '#thegirlgang' I feel it sends a lot of readers my way. Using hastags on Instagram also allows people who don't follow you to check out your photo, but with the unclickable links I can't promise it will bring blog viewers, but may help build your social media platforms.

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Don't sit on the outside looking in, don't be afraid to talk to fellow bloggers, ask advice, give advice, share stories and experiences. We are all in the same boat, we are all pursuing a passion and blogging because we love to write. I recommend that you take part in Twitter chats, here is a chat timetable that I look to. Comment on some posts you find interesting, this can be hard to do at times as a lot of us read blogs on our phones, but take an hour a week at least and comment on blogs, show people you appreciate them and they might do the same, plus it is nice to be nice, right?

Confused by that subheading? What I mean is that you should never rush writing a post and then post it just to keep up with your schedule. If you aren't passionate about what you write, if you aren't inspired and enjoying it then people can tell and not just that, but you lose your love for what you do, it becomes a chore. If you are posting a random, unmotivated post just for the sake of getting a post up then you become less trustworthy and your blog becomes less enjoyable to read because the passion is gone.

The moment you switch from the standard Blogger layout to a sophisticated layout is the day your views and followers will sky rocket. If you aren't caring much about your layout and it look pretty awkward then people won't really care much for your content, I know it's horrible, but it is true, If your layout is hard to navigate, if it is unorganised and there is a lot of ads breaking up your post people will just switch off the tab. Make sure your blog is simple to read and navigate so it can work smoothly and without difficulty.

R initial candle, Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Do not lie about what you think of products, don't lie about your life and just be honest with your readers. The truth always comes out and no one wants to read a blog by someone who has a history of lying, why should people listen to your opinion of a product or book or clothing shop if you lied previously? Make sure you do not trip yourself up. Be as honest as you hope other bloggers are with the content and reviews you read.

Above all, do not try to be someone else, write content you enjoy writing, write about what you are comfortable writing about. I could go on and on, but instead I'll just link you to a full post I recently wrote about this subject, click here to read.

Have you unlocked your full potential as a blogger? Do you have any tip and tricks to share? 

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