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So at the end of last month I done a post all about the blogs I had loved throughout February, I loved sharing the love and these blogs so much that I thought I might make it a monthly occurrence. I don't change my make up much from month to month so I don't really like doing make up favourites posts on a monthly basis, but I do like to try reading new blogs from month to month and more often than not I fall in love with said blogs. Therefore I thought it would be best my monthly favourites be all about my favourite blogs over that past month. (How many times did I write the word 'blogs' in this paragraph...?)

cocochicblog.com on ipad.
I have been following Stephanie and her blog since I first started blogging I'm sure and I have always loved her content, but recently I have been so inspired by her content. Not only does she continue to help bloggers with her tip posts and her book, but she also has the most beautiful layout and photography. Every post she puts up is so well written and it is so obvious she absolutely loves what she does and has a passion for blogging.

agirlobsessedblog.com on ipad.

This month I found Mandy's blog and I was so obsessed with a girl, obsessed... yeah, no pun intended. Seriously though if I am ever looking for some new beauty products to buy AGO will be one of the blogs I pop over to first. She has such detailed reviews with everything you could possibly want to know about the product squeezed. On top of her incredible beauty reviews she has many lifestyle and blog tips posts which of course I adore, as you may know I am super big on self help and her posts really portray that energy.

blogsallbeautyy.blogspot.com on ipad.
What can I say about Jasmine's blog? It's so pretty I want to cry, I love her layout so much, it's so fun and girly! Her posts are also very fun and girly, she posts all about beauty believe it or not, and I love her posts. Every time she pops up on my Twitter feed with a new post I want a new product, for real. Her posts are always so indepth and descriptive without boring the reader and her photography is super bright and fun which is definitely easy on the eyes. 

careergirldaily.com on ipad.
I don't think CGD will ever not be a favourite of mine another blog which flows perfectly with my love for self help and personal growth. Their posts range from career advice to lifestyle, beauty and fashion, but each one is written with the sole interest of benefiting the reader which is something I love about any blogger. I love when bloggers blog for passion, but I also love when bloggers blog to help others and this blog definitely lives up to both reasons. 

What blogs are you loving this month? Will you check out any of these lovely blogs? 

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