Juggling Blogging and University

How I juggle Blogging and Uni.
A question I am often asked and something people tend to be confused about is how exactly I find the time to study a full-time course at university and blog while still obtaining health and a social life. Well I'll be honest, it is definitely not easy at all. It can prove to be rather difficult and some times trying to balance the two have lead to one aspect being put on the back burner or my health not being taking into consideration. I feel like I have almost the perfect balance now however and want to share my top tips with you.

For bloggers who are like me and take their job/studies seriously and their blog seriously it can be hard to actually prioritize one over the other. I do however place my studies above my blog. Although I absolutely adore my blog and everything that comes with it, if I have an assignment coming up or an exam to study for I may not focus as much time on blog chats or commenting on other blogs, I may even not post.

There is no point in scheduling your posts for days where you have no time to actually write the post or take the photos for it. If you work from Monday to Friday 9-5 then unless you plan all your posts at weekends having Wednesday as a posting day seems very silly. If you have a full weekend and don't get photos taken then you will end up with bad lightening taking a photo post 5pm on a Monday or Tuesday. I am in uni Monday, Thursday and Friday so posting Monday, Wednesday and Fridays allows me to plan out the posts accordingly.

Not planning ahead in this circumstance is actually mind-blowing to me. If I were to come in from university on a Monday, write my post, take my photo and post then when would I have time t rest from perhaps a stressful day or what if I got home late and the sun was down? It's always important to plan ahead. With university I like to always know what is expected of me for the next 3 weeks so I can plan out each assignment or reading or whatever.

Following on from the last subtitle it is super important not to continuously put things off whether it be writing next weeks blog posts or doing this weeks readings or starting that essay. Chances are if you put things off once it becomes super hard to actually do it when it is needed and you rush to get things done last minute and don't have the right piece of mind and rush it which ends up with work never being as good as you planned. Also if you were to get sick right before an assignment you may just never get the chance to do it, which is a fail.

Something I am still trying to get to grips with is actually taking time to yourself, not always being sat at a desk or hunched over a book. It is important to just take time to yourself, have a coffee with friends, go out to the cinema, do something you enjoy and forget about all the deadlines, just for a day.

Lists are your best friends - blog post ideas lists, to-do lists, reading lists, assignment lists. If you write out lists and tick off everything you have done on them it becomes very encouraging. Knowing that you are half way through a list or that you have completed all your talks makes you feel all happy and you may even want to treat yourself after a to-do list is complete.

Whether you use post-it notes or memos on your phone or your laptop, it is super important to have all your deadlines available to look at and remind you something it coming up. Whether it be a blog post is due up, an assignment is due in or an exam is coming up being reminded of it gives you a little push to get your head in the game (with ZEfron) and get to work.

Rushing yourself benefits no one and nothing. You won't do well in the piece of work or the blog post, you'll be stressed out and anxious. Never leave things so late they have to be rushed or put yourself in a situation where you have to rush to finish something.

Did you need this help? What's your piece of advice for someone juggling two aspects of their life?
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