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Lately I have been changing my skincare routine, I feel like none of my products have been helping my skin in the right ways so piece by piece I have been changing my routine. I don't understand why anyone would completely revamp their routine all at once, I find it much safer to add and swap item by item because then I can see what that specific product does for my skin at that period of time. I have fallen head over heels for two specific new products in my night-time routine.

These items are Garnier Moisture+ Radiance and The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum. Both these products have are aimed at giving you radiant, glowing skin, the time of skin that screams "I got 8 hours of sleep last night and drink 8 pints of water daily".

Garnier Moisture+ Radiance
The moisturiser I am certain is actually supposed to be applied in the morning as a day-time moisturiser, but it's been hard for me to let go of my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+, therefore I opted to use it before bed.

This moisturiser comes in a 50ml orange tube with a white top. I prefer moisturisers and lotions to be in squeezable tubes as I find digging your fingers into a tub can be super unhygienic, so more often than not I will opt for a bottle like this. I adore that the packaging is orange as it just screams radiance and liveliness.

Although small this product is definitely mighty, I use the tiniest drop on my fingers, rub them together with my other hand and apply in circular motions. Not much more is needed than pictured when applying a even layer to your full face and down onto your neck.

The product is a gel like texture, but unlike most gel based moisturisers it certainly doesn't leave your face feeling or looking greasy or sticky. This is what I apply last before I hop into bed and there are no stains left.

I love the scent of this product, it smells super fresh and almost citrus-y.

When I wake in the morning my skin feels smooth, soft, silky and I have a natural glow, so much so that it doesn't look greasy or over oiled, but that I look like I've already applied a highlight. I feel like my skin is so much more alive and radiant since I began using this product religiously. It's definitely one of the best moisturisers I have used and for the price it is miraculous!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Oil
 Another newbie to my collection, one that I am super obsessed with. I apply this little beauty before my moisturiser each night. I absolutely adore facial oils so of course I would be obsessed with one that does exactly what I want for my skin.

The oil is packaged in a pale pink 28ml bottle with a black lid and white squeeze top. I love the pale pink colour of the packaging as it is super feminine and dainty. The little pipette/dropper has a slight slanted ball on the end which I think may be why you can get so much liquid into the tube as opposed to oils without this slanted ball mechanism.

I originally picked this product up because the cold winter air had resulted in my skin being super dry especially around my nose and one my cheeks. I wanted to give a new oil a try and since my skin was also looking super dull I opted for this one.

I apply one droplette to my hand, rub it together with my fingers and apply in circular motions around my face. The first time I used this product the dry patches of skin soaked it in automatically leaving and the rest of my face looked very succulent and fresh,

Over a week or two of using the product my dry patches of skin vanished leaving my skin super smooth and soft. I wake up each day feeling fresh and even on 4 or less hours of sleep I look like I have had a full eight hours (once I cover my bags) as this beauty helps my skin look lively and awake.

Although an oil product my skin doesn't feel super greasy or look incredibly oiled after each application. Instead it gives me a simple radiant glow which is still visible through make up. The scent of the product is a sweet floral-y scent, one I wouldn't think I would like, but I really do.

For those with combination or dry skin these little fellas are like liquid gold. Definitely worth the price and if your skin is looking dull and like you aren't sleeping at night I would definitely say pick them up!

Are you needing a skincare wake me up? What is your favourite skincare product right now?

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