Small Changes to Make to Your Blog

As you may have seen I recently revamped my blog with a whole new layout. I love editing my blog, adding new little alterations and features and having a whole new layout has definitely inspired me to keep my blog in tip top shape. You don't have to have a whole new layout however to feel inspired and make a difference to your blog, the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. Here is some small changes you can make to your blog which can impact your functionality and readership. 

Upping your photography game can definitely impact how people enjoy your blog and how your blog looks. The biggest change you can make to your photography is how it looks, whether you use a fancy DSLR or your phone to take your photos you can always enhance them with the help of Photoshop, especially on those dull days where adding a little brightness makes them a thousand times better. There are other photo editing programmes out there, but for me Photoshop is the must have. 

I also personally love when someone's photos are taking up quite a bit of space and the white space in posts is very limited. You can do this by making your blog photos larger, mine take up the length of my posts, but aren't very large vertically. Depending on what your photos are, you can enlarge them in whichever way suits whether that be length or height, for fashion bloggers of course their posts are larger in height than length.

I love when blogs have a colour theme and stick to a certain number of colours instead of just using random colours. It looks super organised and sophisticated. I love the black and white theme a lot of bloggers use, but for my blog I felt adding some pink and purple would show more of my personality. Using colours which compliment each other is definitely a nice look, clashing colours can be too distracting. 

I definitely think having a dozen ads on your blog can be too distracting as a reader especially video ones or gif styled ones which move. I don't think ads are bad to have on your blog, I want to add some to mine, but having ones in the middle of posts and loads down your sidebar can be a little distracting and makes your layout less sophisticated. 

Changing up the fonts you use on your blog can make your blog feel completely refreshed. I like to change the post title font, post date font and sidebar font every once in a while just to change it up and refresh everything. I love using the Google Fonts fonts, I mention how to use this in my HTML for Beginners post. 

Recently I have been loving playing around with how I layout my blog posts, I have a large header photo at the top, but when adding photos into the body of a post I love aligning them differently and having the text around them, it definitely has made me happier with my blog and made me feel creative. You can edit how you layout your posts by adding extra photos or displaying the text differently, adding colour or whatever you fancy. A small change can definitely make a massive impact on how your blog is read and how readers interact with it. 

The biggest tip I can give to anyone as a blogger is to trust your judgement when it comes to your content, but don't be afraid to think out side the box and try new things. I love when a blogger comes up with a totally unique blog post. Also don't leave your posts until the last minute, if you think out content you will have quality posts which always attract more readers. Never just post something because it is popular or it gets a lot of readers. Post what you're comfortable and happy with. 

Although I have written a few of my own opinions and said what I personally like, there are no rules in blogging, you don't have to do what everyone else is doing or what everyone else likes. Whatever you like, you do, don't go against your gut instincts and who you are just to be more popular and have more readers. Do you. 

What do you think of my new layout? Do you have any layout tips and tricks? 

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