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Regis Designline Root Boost Volumizing Foam and Designline Silk Drops.
A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely people at Regis Salon to try out some of their new products from their Designline. I was super excited when I got these two in the posts, I'm always looking for some new hair care items especially anything that adds volume or repairs. I have previously mentioned how hard it is for me to have volume in my hair  because it's long, heavy and wavy, it tends to just hang flat so this foam was very intriguing for me. Anything that can repair my heat damaged hair is of course something I am super invested in, these silk drops don't only repair, but add natural shine to your hair.

Volumizing foam on back of hand.
This is definitely my favourite product of the two I was gifted by Regis. The Designline Root Boost Volumizing Foam. This product is different from any mousse I have ever used before, first of all the nozzle means the product sprays out instead of dropping out in a big lump.

My first time using this product was on damp hair, after a shower I sprayed it on my roots and gave them a little brush with my fingers, even once the hair dried completely my roots were still so much more volumous.

I have since then used the product while blowdrying my hair and on dry hair before heading out. My hair never looks greasy or like I have too much product in it, nor does it ever feel hard and crunchy like mousse tends to make your hair feel.

My favourite time to use this guy is along with my diffuser to create a wavy, bed head look on my locks which stays all day long and I even wake up in the morning with volumous roots still in tact. I do also spray the product on the body of my hair for volume all over which definitely works.

Before and After of Volumizing foam in hair.
The above before and after photo shows my hair damp and without product and then dry and with the product. As you can see it adds a huge amount of volume without giving me a frizzy, messy look. The product comes in a 250ml bottle, but again not much product is needed and you don't have to reapply, sometimes I don't even apply on the second day and only reapply after my shower that night or the next morning to dry hair.

Silk drops oil on back of hand.
To begin I was super interested in this little beauty, I have tried hair oils before and although they are incredibly for repairing your hair and giving you healthy, luscious locks, I tend to feel like using oils on dry hair results in greasy looking hair, something we all hate. 

I first used this little guy right before my shower so that if it were to leave my hair greasy I was going to be washing the product out straight away. Applying it so my day two hair and rubbing it in from the roots down it did make my roots greasy, but after giving it a little brush through and style it didn't look as greasy as before. 

I then used the product again a couple of days later on damp hair once I got out the shower, I applied a smaller amount this time and ran it mostly through the body of my hair and less so on the roots, once my hair was completely dried it was super shiny and luscious. No greasy look, just a natural looking shine. 

For this product I would recommend to use it in small amounts, I use half a drop at a time, usually using 2 drops in total and rub it evenly. This leaves it looking much cleaner and natural. Also don't go straight for the roots, apply to the body and without applying any more product to your hands give your roots a little brush through with your fingers. 

Before and after of silk drops in hair.
As you can see in the above before and after the body of my hair was left looking so much more shiny and lively, while before it looked super dry, brittle and meh. Although it is a tiny 60ml bottle with the amount I apply to my hair each time I definitely think this product will last me a long time and I will be repurchasing. 

Overall, I adore both products and will definitely be using them again. On top of how amazing they make my hair feel and look my ultimate favourite thing is the smell of these two beauties The foam smells so refreshing and fruity, whereas the silk drops smells very clean and if you have ever tried the Korres sensetive skin gel cleanser I swear it smells almost identical to that. 

Have you tried these products? Do you need/want to? What do you use for extra shine and volume? 

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*DISCLAIMER: Both of these items were gifted to me for this review, but all opinions are my own*

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