First Impressions to Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution eyebrow palette and Eyeshadow palette.
Loads of bloggers and friends have been raving about Makeup Revolution for months now, but I've always been a little wary on trying out the brand because of the hype, I was super worried that people were that people were exaggerating how good it was. Last week I decided to take the plunge and buy some pieces from the brand since it is a super cheap brand and what's the worst that could happen? I purchased two pieces; the Flawless Matte eyeshadow palette and the Ultra Brow Palette in medium to dark.

As my first introduction to the brand I was very pleased. The packaging on both products is very similar, they are both long palettes in their signature patent black with gold writing, the box the eyeshadow palette is in was a beautiful gold, which I wish the palette was because I love gold, but the sleek black packaging also looks perfect in my make up collection.

There are 32 coloured shadows in the palette all of which are matte and usable both for daytime looks and night-time looks. From left to right the colours gradually darken down to the darkest black shade in the bottom right-hand corner.

The palette is very thin and easy to store or carry in your bag, but could not fit in a makeup bag unless it were a travel makeup bag. The colours are super bright and pigmented and each have a specified name (you can see the film with the names on the mirror). There is a large mirror on the inside of the lid which is very convenient. Unlike most drugstore palettes there is no eyeshadow brush which is really good because the brushes which come with palettes are usually bad quality and get lost of threw out by most people.

(L-R) Antique, Nut, Taupe, Rosewood, Rust, Bear, Older, Charcoal
The colours are so pigmented and transferable, they blend amazingly and can be used to create loads of looks from natural, to smoky eye. They are super soft and fluffy and not too powdery like some drugstore eyeshadows tend to be leading to very little fall out which of course I love. I have swatched the second last row onto my arm applied with an eyeshadow brush to show you the extreme pigmentation of this product. The second one in, 'Nut' is my favourite of them all, it's a very coffee colour perfect for a nude smoky eye. I also adore 'Rosewood' mostly because it reminds me of PLL...

I adore eyebrow products so I just had to pick this up while I was looking at the stand. There are four powder products, two gel products, two highlight products, a brow pencil, mini tweezers and two mine brow brushes.

Just like the eyeshadows palette the brow palette is quite large so although would be perfect for touching up your eyebrows on the go it is not convenient and would only fit into your bag or a makeup travel bag. However, the brand also do smaller versions of these products, very like Benefit's Brow Zing.

I had a little play around with the mini brushes to judge whether they are good and I can say they are higher quality than most brow brushes in palettes, very sturdy with soft hairs, perfect for applying the products. The tweezers I probably won't use but may chuck in my make up bag for any dilemmas while I am out. The pencil I am also yet to use.

(Top - bottom) Powder highlight, gel product. (L-R) cream highlight, brow powders.
The four powders are super smooth with minimal fall out and the perfect colour for those of us with dark or deep brown hair, They can be blended together to create lighter or darker looks depending on how dark you would like them to be. They blend out super easily in your eyebrow hairs and don't cause clumps on the hairs like some products can do.

The two eyebrow gels are deeper colours so definitely not suitable for any of you who prefer to use clear eyebrow gel to keep your hairs in place. The gels are easy to apply, super smooth and sleek, which help to create a perfect brow with no clumps and also stops the powders from straying onto the eyelid.

The highlighters are great. The cream highlight is super shiny, smooth and creates a much more strobbed effect than highlight effect wherein the highlight only glistens when it catches the light, very usable for minimalistic looks. The powder on the other hand is much more shimmery and visible in all lighten to create a more highlighted look.

To conclude I would definitely buy more products from this brand the quality is insane for the price. These products will definitely become some of my most used products in my collection. I definitely want to buy a few more palettes especially since I am beginning to use eyeshadow more.

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What have you bought from Makeup Revolution?

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