Changes in 2016

In 2016 I want to make a lot of changes to my blog while continuing to grow my readership and following. I feel like I am starting to really enjoy blogging in a way I always wanted to. I think this is down to the fact I am no longer limiting myself and trying to stick within my niche and what I think people want to read. I have began to post what I want to and what I enjoy writing, I want to continue this and truly make my blog my own. To do this I will be making the following changes to heythererobyn.com:

Over the next few weeks I really want to change my layout, I have been desperate to do this again for a while, but I have only just decided what I want my blog to look like and what I would like to change in order to achieve this. So if you come onto my blog in the next few weeks and it look a tad random and ugly then bear with me, I am making A LOT of changes.

I love writing my blog so I am super excited to continue writing up as many blog posts as I can from beauty to lifestyle and blog tips. I would love to add in some fashion posts however, I have always been a little scared to do this and I don't really have anyone to take the photos for me, but I will be adding in some because I do love fashion and I want to share my own style with you all.

I am excited to add these posts in as they were originally what I wanted my blog to consist of when I first began blogging, I always admired fashion blogging and I love scrolling down fashion Instagrams so I am super excited to make this move with my blog. 

To get me away from this fear I have been posting little OOTDs on my snapchat (heythererobyn) you can see one to the left. I have been receiving a few little comments back about my outfits and clothes so it has definitely helped to build my confidence around posting more fashion related posts.

I am desperate to post more on my blog, I have became completely obsessed with blogging lately and constantly want to be doing something bloggy. I am constantly thinking of ideas, layouts, tweets and so on, I even dream about blogging so I think updating my blogging schedule will be a great place to put all my motivation and ideas. I think I may up my schedule to three posts a week, maybe Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but it's not set it stone yet. I do have uni three days a week and have a lot of work to do at home from time to time so I will have to give this a test run. 

I recently created a Facebook page for my blog and I want to get more involved with this. I definitely lack on sharing my posts on Facebook. I have also been super unwell this past week and slaking with Twitter and Instagram too. Overall, I really want to get more involved with socialising with other bloggers, promoting my posts and getting involved with different blogging groups and chats. 

I truly suck at commenting on blog posts and following other bloggers on Bloglovin so I definitely need to start getting more involved with this. I think I will be doing a little following spree sometime this week so feel free to send me over your links on Twitter so I can check out your blog and give you a follow if I love it!

In total I think all of these little changes will motivate me even more when it comes to blogging and make blogging super fun and make my blog exactly what I want it to be. 

So what are some changes you'll be making to blogging this year?

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