Five Lush Favourites

Lush products: Snow Fairy, Rose Jam, Roots, Big and Lemon Flutter.

Everyone and their granny is a massive fan of Lush, especially bloggers, it seems to be that all bloggers have the biggest weakness for Lush. I have been trying to branch out with Lush and try more products because I seem to just adore the staple items such as Bubblegum lip scrub, Snow Fairy shower gel and American Cream conditioner, but upon trying some more products I have narrowed down my five favourite Lush products for you all, and yes, it still includes Snow Fairy.

Snow Fairy shower gel.SNOW FAIRY SHOWER GEL
Snow Fairy is one of those universally adored products by Lush, I have never met anyone who doesn't adore it. It smells like candy floss and sweets, not usually a scent I am a huge fan of myself, but I can't help but swoon when I get a sniff. SF is Christmas limited edition, but I normally stock up a few to keep me going throughout the year. 

The packaging is a twist on the classic, simplistic black and white Lush packaging with its bright pink label, but it is super fitting to the lively scent and pink gel product. 

I don't always use SF to wash, but  when I do, I usually apply SF to my loofah to scrub my body and die at the smell. My skin is left feeling so smooth and silky after each use that I sometimes find myself just stroking my arm because the product left it super smooth and silky.

The product comes in a range of sizes, but I usually go for the 250g bottles as they're much easier to stock up. 

And don't worry, this product definitely does not leave you looking like you sat out in the sun too long. 
Rose Jam shower gel.(Reference to this article)

I had no ides this was also limited edition for Christmas until I went to link it for you guys and now I am super sad because I haven't stocked up!!

This beauty is another shower gel with a scent to die for, although it's called Rose Jam it doesn't smell rosy to me at all it is more of a zesty lemon and tangy smell which I adore! If you know me at all you know lemons are my favourite fruit and citrus one of my favourite scents.

The packaging is the simplistic black and white classic Lush packaging and the product is a plummy red colour in the bottle, but outside the bottle its just a little deeper pink than Snow Fairy.

I use RJ more than SF because the smell isn't as strong and overwhelming, but it leaves me feeling clean and fresh all day. The product has Argan oil in it which of course is incredibly helpful for rehydrating and is especially helpful for those of us with dry skin as it heals it right up.

Just like SF I use my loofah to wash with RJ and I think the loofah and argan oil combined is the perfect combination for dry areas of skin, rehydrating and exfoliating leaving the skin silky smooth.

Roots hair treatment.ROOTS
I cannot begin to explain my love for this hair treatment. I have been using it for about a year and a half and it is my favourite hair treatment and I have tried out many. Aimed at those with fine and thin hair of course I needed to try it, my hair is horrendously fine!

The first thing you notice about this little pot of goodness is the strong minty smell that smacks you in the face when you open the lid. In all honestly it smells like extremely strong toothpaste and it can be overwhelming, but that doesn't matter when you start to see results.

I try to use this little guy once every 2 weeks just to give my hair a little deeper clean and treatment. I apply it to dry hair from the roots downwards, but I don't apply to the ends as I do find it can be drying to do this. Due to the minty scent it almost feels like your head is cold, I know this sounds weird, but it does, it's a pretty strange sensation.

It is a very thick consistency, but does have a toothpaste feel to it as well as a minty scent. After about 2 months of using it once every two weeks I began to feel like my hair truly was a little fuller and not as fine or dry as it was and my hair would always feel super clean and shiny after each use.

Big sea salt shampoo.

Along with incredibly fine and thin hair I have super flat hair. I hate it, I really wish my hair was more volumous and thick. As many people are aware sea salt is super useful for giving your hair texture and volume so of course Big is dedicated to doing so.

I began buying Big regularly around a year ago and use it quite often to give myself a bit more volume. The scent Big has is definitely not the nicest, I find it to be quite seaweed-y and too salty, but it's worth it to get the results. The shampoo is pretty gritty and an odd texture, a gel like shampoo with large grains of salt mixed into it, I find it to be quite an awkward texture to work with, and you have to use quite a large amount of it for each wash.

The results truly make it all worth it however, after I rinse the salt grains out my hair I would use conditioner and later blow dry my hair and I would have a lot more volume and texture, I would be able to style my hair in ways I was never able to before and it was just truly the hair I wish I always had.

You have to repurchase quite regularly, but if you have super flat and uncooperative hair like me then it is definitely worth it, no other product has given a similar result!

I love saying this product's name, seriously say out loud, it's amazing. This is a newer product I was bought by a friend for Christmas and I love it so much! Like I said I LOVE lemons, the taste, the smell, everything, so of course I adore this product.

I'm not one for having dry hands, but I always have rough skin around my fingernails and rough skin on my elbows as well as super brittle nails, so this product has became my holy grail! I apply it around my nails whenever I can, normally as I am sat writing blog posts or when I get up before my breakfast, it's quite a slimy product, very similar to Vaseline so it does stain bed sheets and make you have butter fingers.

I also apply it to my rough elbows and it has worked wonders I now have the smoothest elbows in all the land. Although don't apply it if you plan on leaving the house with your elbows on show as the product is a pale, pastel yellow colour so it is super visible.

It's a super small tub, but you don't have to repurchase it regularly as a little really does go a long way with this beauty. Within a week the skin around my nails was soft, hydrated and smooth as a baby's bottom!

I have been a tad playful with the layout of this post so please tell me if it looks stupid or if it's cute I just know I hate scrolling up to see photos of products as I read about them, so I thought this would prevent that.

So how do you feel about Lush? What are your favourite items?

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