What I Got For Christmas

I was quite nervous to write this post if I am 100% positive, but it seemed quite a good few people adore these posts and I have enjoyed reading them myself these past few days. Low and behold, this is what I got for Christmas, or some of what I got for Christmas, in no way, shape or form am I trying to brag, I just wanted to share a handful of my favourite presents which I received this year.

I definitely got spoiled with my 'big present'. My wonderful parents got me a new iPad, the iPad Air to be precise. I definitely did not expect to this, I am almost 20, I thought I'd get a few small presents. I am so grateful to have been bought an iPad, especially since my previous one was smashed by my cat, yes my cat. I know it's something I will use on a daily basis, especially helpful for taking notes in uni. 

I was also lucky enough to receive a new hairdryer, something I desperately needed after mine stopped working in late November. I was bought the Treseme Diffuser hairdryer. I was so excited when I opened this, I have naturally half curly, half wavy hair, but I LOVE curling my hair so having a diffuser makes this 1000x easier. I used this on Boxing Day and holy cow! This hairdryer is insane. Might do a full review, but let's just say holy volume. 

(I somehow forgot to take a photo of my straighteners? lol one will be added asap)

Ironically, my straighteners also blew up in my hand in July so... I also received a new pair of those. I never got round to buying myself a pair as straighteners are just something I use to make my hair straight, I don't use them daily, I don't care for price, I dislike GhDs, I just like something that makes my hair look good and that's exactly what the Remington ceramic plated pair do. They are so amazing for keeping your hair super straight and sleek.  

This present will definitely be very odd to some people. I received a Maneki-Neko, or a lucky cat as you may know it. I am obsessed with luck, I am superstitious and I adore things from different cultures. The Maneki-Neko is from Japanese culture and you get different ones to mean different things. Mine means fortune, success and prosperity and has a waving paw. So cool and cute in my opinion although my mum did say it was the weirdest present she has ever bought someone. 

Another favourite of mine is definitely my Soap and Glory gift set. I am a huge fan of Soap and Glory and was so excited to get this gift set, especially the lime gift set as fruity scents are one of my biggest weaknesses. In the gift set you receive a pink loofah, a lime scented Hand Food hand cream, Sugar Crush body wash, body scrub and body buttercream all travel sized and compact. 

Another little gift set I got was Mark Hill MiracOILicious set. This set comes with a mini argan oil shampoo, conditioner, 2 minute intensive treatment and an argan oil spray. So far I have only used the shampoo and conditioner, but I am impressed. The smell of these products alone is enough to make you love them, they smell like refreshers! After my shower they left my hair silky, smooth, shiny and super healthy looking. 

I thought this little beauty needed a mention. My recent River Island purse was looking very old and ugly, so I was looking for a new one. Preferably a camel or nude toned purse. My mum and dad definitely didn't have to go out of their way to find me one as this beauty is from Primark! Would you believe it? It definitely is high quality and super pretty, I will definitely be using it for a while.

Lastly, I received the my amazing slippers from my gran and grandad. 3D unicorns! I absolutely adore unicorns, I mean the emoji being added was enough to make me use it every day for a week. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also super cosy and soft, keeping my toes warm and comfortable at all times of the day. 

I did receive many other presents such as clothes, pyjamas, boots, perfumes, money and so on, but I wanted to feature the most amazing presents which I thought you lot would want to hear about.

I hope you enjoyed today's post,
Thank you for reading!
What did you get for Christmas?
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