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One thing I am regularly complimented on are my eyebrows. They are definitely one of my most complimented features and also one of my favourite features. If you know me or follow me on any social media you know I have quite large, bushy eyebrows in the very on trend shape with the sophisticated, structured arch. I do my eyebrows myself and would love to do a post on how I shape them, but since my arch is almost entirely natural I thought a better post would be on how I enhance them by filling them in.

I have used a lot of eyebrow products both high-end and drug store, but at the moment both products I am using are drug-store and they are absolutely amazing, definitely some of my favourite products to date. For filling in my brows I use Maybelline New York Brow Satin. This pencil comes in four shades and I got it in dark brown to match the natural colour of my brows. To keep my hairs in place and give a little bit of an illusion to a little bald patch I have I use L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Plumper which comes in two shades and transparent, I use shade medium/dark.
My brows after using the products. (Snapchat picture ofc, add me - heythererobyn)
I start by using the Brow Satin, a roll up pencil with a brush in the bottom. I like to begin by drawing somewhat of an outline to my brow shape. I start at the bottom and from the beginning of my eyebrow in towards my nose I follow the shape right out to the fine tip at the end, not pressing down too hard or roughly. I then do the same procedure at the top, but instead start at the end and work towards the beginning, but stop a good 0.5 of a centimetre from the end. Doing this gives you a more natural brow and a less, harsh, drawn on look, it is also a good tip for doing an ombre brow.

My next step is to blend out the product using the small oval sponge at the bottom of the product, I do this gently so not to make my brows too harsh or caked. I tend to not touch the fine end of my brow as I don’t have much hair there and so I rely on the pencil to give the illusion there is. After this step I then go over the brow with the pencil filling in any gaps there may be, I do this in neat, small, gentle strokes.

My third step is to use the sponge to brush the pencil at the beginning of my brow upwards to fill in those upwards spiking hairs in without it being too harsh or dark. Occasionally I will use small, light strokes to fill in this area too if the brush has applies the pencil too lightly.

Lastly, I end the process by applying the Brow Artist Plumper to my eyebrows going in the grain of the hairs for a natural finish. This product helps to keep all hairs in place, give a deeper colour and give the illusion of hair in places there are none, a winner for me.

A quick tip is also to apply concealer around your eyebrow afterwards, this gives those brows a sharper and cleaner finish with no product smudges.

I do want to do a photo walkthrough to add to this post or maybe a small video just to give you all a better idea of how exactly I do this tutorial, but I haven’t had the time or been in a good state of mind (for the same reason as below). If you would like a video or photo tutorial to be edited into this post leave a comment below, it would be super helpful.

If you would like a full product review of either product also feel free to tell me below.

I will also be running a giveaway in the New Year, I had planned it to be Christmas themed, but I lost a family member recently and have just not been in the state of mind to think of giveaways right now. So watch out for a post on that, in the next month.

Thank you for reading,
I hope this post helps!
What are your go to brow products?

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