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I love trying out new products, I love mixing and matching my products and using a mixture of high-end products and drug store and I have been loving playing around with different primers, trying to find one that I love just as much as my MAC Prep+Prim. Upon looking online at reviews I came across Baby Skin by Maybelline which seemed to be famous in the blogesphere, so I decided to give it a shot.

Can we start with how cute the packaging is? As much as I adore MAC's sleek and classy packaging, the baby blue and bubblegum font of Baby Skin makes me love it just a little bit more. There are two versions of Baby Skin available now, but I went for the 'Instant Pore Eraser', mostly because I wanted to compare it to Porefessional, the famous primer which I not so famously, don't love.

Just like most primers the product comes in a squeezy tube, obviously a very practical packaging for a gel like substance. The product is clear and smells very similar to the Infallible Mattifying Primer by L'Oreal, I personally am not a fan of the scent, it isn't pleasant, but it also isn't too strong so once you have applied the primer you don't smell it any more.

So that aside, how does the product work? Well let me tell you. 'Pore Eraser' you say, I somewhat agree, it does minimise pores, especially on my nose, but it doesn't erase them, which is expected of course.

The product is very lightweight, smooth and sleek, after applying a full layer of it, it still feels like no product is on your face. It is described as having a matte finish, however I felt it was more of a soft dewy finish, which I prefer anyway so it didn't bother me personally, but is something to note.

Overall, I would say it is incredible close to the quality of Porefessional, I still prefer Prep+Prime, but I will be using this one from time to time to play around with products. I would definitely say if you are a Porefessional fan, you should try this one out because you may end up saving yourself some cash each time you run out.

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Which primer is your favourite and why?

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