Laser Hair Removal: Sessions 2&3

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Since my last update on the laser hair removal front I have had two more sessions with the lovely people over at Transform. I am so happy, so excited and so pleased with how everything is going, but let me tell you all the nitty gritty details of my sessions. 

Since session one I only had to shave my armpits 3-4 times in the 6 weeks before session two. The hairs were much finer, lighter and weren't growing half as fast as they did before I got the treatment done. As I previously mentioned in my last post (found here) I usually get small bumps on the skin after shaving my armpits, but the amount of bumps reduced since getting my first session of laser hair removal.

Just like with my first session I was taken into the room at the exact time I was due, as a very impatient person this is always something I admire, when a business are very accurate with their timing. Marie was lovely as always asking about my day and what I would be doing over September weekend. All the staff at Transform are so sweet, friendly and caring which of course makes me much more at ease and trusting with them.

This time was less painful than my first session and it didn't last long at all, it literally took 5 minutes per armpit to have the laser treatment done. As always Marie started on my right-hand side and then moved around to the left. I find the right side to be a little sorer than the left, at this point I had no idea why.

The heat wasn't too bad, for the right-hand side it felt warmer than the left and I did ask Marie to stop for a second, during this time she ran the cooled end of the laser over my skin to cool it down, the left-hand side however, I didn't have to have the laser turned off at all, it didn't burn as badly as the right. Most of the pain on the left was actually a tugging feeling.

Between session two and session three I only shaved my armpits twice, which is obviously amazing! The hairs were much finer once again and growing even slower than before and there was a further reduction of bumps after shaving.

I had my third session of my laser hair removal treatment on Friday. Once again it was Marie who done the procedure, I like that it is the same specialist who continues to do the treatment throughout all sessions, something you probably would not get by getting the treatment through a regular salon.

This time it hurt a lot more, once again especially on my right-hand side. Marie did say that the area it hurt more in was where my armpit dipped in so it took more time to cover this area. However, unlike session two I did have to ask Marie to stop on both armpits because the heat was a lot warmer on both, not just the right.

When I told Marie this she asked if it was my time of the month or if I was due it soon, it turns out it was more painful because of my monthly cycle. Marie explained that before, after and during women’s TOMs the laser does burn a little more and it is very common. Something you may like to know if you are looking to go for the treatment.

Although it burned a little more than usual it wasn't like I felt on fire or anything, I was able to get through the treatment especially with the cooling end of the laser cooling the skin whenever it hurt too much. Salons will not have this cooling end to the laser, so if you would like to save some money and not get it through Transform or another clinic then it will hurt more.

After my third session Marie was kind enough to give me a complimentary facial and skin analysis using some of the amazing medical products they use and sell in the Transform clinic. I will be doing a whole separate post on this and will link it here if you would like to check it out.

Thank you for reading,
Would you get laser hair removal?
Or have you had the treatment before?
(Also feel free to comment with some questions)


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