Editing Instagram Photos

Something I and probably every other blogger is obsessed with is Instagram. I love stalking accounts, I love liking photos, I love posting photos. Now my Instagram isn't the best out there, but I sure have picked up a lot of tips and tricks on how to achieve a beautiful looking feed. The best thing to happen to my Instagram is Afterlight.

Afterlight is in the app store for 79p and is truly worth it. Now it has a whole load of features available to use, but I am going to tell you my favourite 6 features and why I use them.

You should try out the rest of the feautures and play about them, but I feel like these are the ones which make a photo look Instagram ready.

Here is the before and after of how the photo looks:

Thanks for reading!
I hope my tips and tricks helped.
What apps do you use to edit your Instagram photos?

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