Foundation: Brush vs. Beauty Blender

Real Techniques face brush and beauty blender

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and pick myself up a Beauty Blender. This product has been raved about for months, but I always thought "hmm, it's a sponge, it can't be that great, can it?" I decided I would first try the Real Techniques' version as it is much cheaper than the brand name, Real Techniques' brushes are always incredible and I mean, how different can it be from the brand version? It's a sponge.

So here I am, a week into buying it and let me just say that old me was very silly, this product is definitely a must buy, but is it better than a foundation brush? Well let me tell you my experience.

I have been using the Real Techniques' face brush to apply my foundation for a long time so I thought it would be best to compare both these products.

I am using MAC Studio Fix in NW15 with both products.

I pump a few drops of foundation onto my hand and then apply it from my hand onto my face starting at my chin and going in an anti-clockwise direction around my face. When using my brush I find it quite a quick task, I apply a moderately even base and I have okay coverage.

I do however, find it difficult to get the brush into little creases like the skin at the corner of my eyes or around my nose, I usually have to use my fingers to get good coverage on these areas. I also find it that sometimes the brush may leave brush lines on my face which is not a good look at all!

I apply with my beauty blender in the same way as I do with my brush, by taking the product from the back of my hand. I press down the product into my skin with the beauty blender which gives better coverage and avoids any brush strokes or lines.

The only problem I seem to have with my beauty blender is that it is hard to apply product right under my eyes as I don't want to push the sponge right into my eyes as it is dangerous and would most likely hurt very badly.

- For coverage I would 100% say I get a more even and fuller coverage with the beauty blender despite using the same foundation which I definitely think comes from the pushing technique of application,
- For timing I would say it is quicker to apply your foundation with a brush as the pushing technique does add a few minutes onto the application,
- For final look I definitely think the beauty blender leaves the face much cleaner, covered and a more natural finish,
- For small areas the pointed end of the beauty blender is best for around the nose and towards the corner of your eyes, giving great coverage,
- For duo use the beauty blender is the one as you can use it to apply foundation, concealer, for contouring and highlighting.

I definitely think beauty blender wins this round and I am sure to be buying a load more, but of course I am still up for trying different brushes to do my foundation with.

Thank you for reading,
I hope you enjoyed!
What is your favourite a foundation brush or a beauty blender?


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