A Couple of Face Washes

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As you may know I use my cleansing brush on a daily basis with my Korres Gel Cleanser to give my pores a good scrub and my skin a nice exfoliation, but it is super important to use a face wash on a daily basis to rid your skin of impurities for the day ahead. These two are some of my favourite, and here is why.

Not even a good Photoshop edit can hide how loved this product is, always sat inside my shower the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit face wash has a half soggy label and an almost empty bottle. I have renewed this wash countless time and even had to buy an extra bottle for my mum who fell in love too.

The first thing you fall in love with is the scent, a strong fruity scent, but not strong enough to result in a soaring headache. I was immediately attracted to the product for the scent, but it is definitely not the only reason to have it stocked up in your bathroom.

The soft, gel-like product foams up as it is rubbed onto your face where it dives deep into your pores to clean out all the bad bacteria and keep spots and blackheads at bay. The product gives a good deep clean, but is definitely okay to be used daily, which is exactly how I usually use it.

I have been using this wash for a good year now and my skin has definitely benefited, less spots, few blackheads and super soft and silky skin. I adore this wash.

It is also the perfect wash to use in the shower when you have forgotten to take your make up off and have massive black panda eyes. It doesn’t sting the eyes, but I definitely would cleanse afterwards just to make sure all product is gone.

Only recently have I began to use this product, a recommendation from a few different blogs. I adore the simplistic white packaging with only a little pink splash of colour of the Balance Me face wash.

My first thought on this one was how odd the scent was, definitely not a favourite, but also not the worst product I have smelled. I decided to take a deep breath and lather the product onto my face anyway.

The consistency reminds me of a lotion rather than a face wash, quite thick and it doesn’t really foam up like most washes I have previously used. Nonetheless after one use I was ridiculously impressed with this product.

For normal/combination skin this product is definitely for me, not oily nor drying. I found the large under the skin spot which appeared overnight to reduce in size the more I washed with this product.

It is super hydrating and revitalises dull skin on a dreary morning, although it dives into the pores to give a good thorough clean the product is definitely one that can be used daily.  

It is described as a wash off cleanser which is exactly what it feels like, after one use the product brightens the complexion and leaves skin silky smooth. Definitely a new favourite and has made me want to try the whole Balance Me range.

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Any Balance Me recommendations?

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