Laser Hair Removal?!

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If you follow me over on Twitter you may know that I recently went to a Transform clinic to have laser hair removal. On the 30th of July I went for my consultation and then last Wednesday I got my first course of treatment on my underarms. This is how it all went…

So first off I should maybe mention why laser hair removal was my choice of treatment. Weirdly enough I have always had such issues with my armpits, I hate them and shaving constantly irritates the skin, I thought if I got laser hair removal I wouldn’t have to shave them as often and this would lead to less irritated skin. So far my hypothesis has been proven correct.

I got a phone call from Fiona, the non-surgical coordinator who booked me in and explained that I should not have fake tan on or go to the sunbeds prior to my consultation as this could result in the laser burning my skin.  I was so nervous on the lead up to my consultation. Was my skin going to be too sensitive? Would it hurt? Would it be really awkward and intimidating?

I went down to the clinic on Thursday the 30th and after explaining I had a consultation to the receptionist I was asked to fill in a medical form, it wasn’t too personal and mostly consisted of questions about things which could affect the laser during treatment such as medications.

After handing the form to Fiona I got nervous, I had previously met Fiona at the blogger event Transform done with Label PR (see my post all about the event here), but I was super anxious for what was coming next. Fiona was very lovely as always and led me to the room Marie was in. Marie is the medical aesthetician and who would later do my patch test and then my treatment.

I sat down at the computer and Marie went over a few more things with me such as effects of medication and side effects of the treatment. Then we got into the patch test. A patch test is done to ensure that the laser won’t be too strong for your skin and that all will go to plan during the full treatments.

The patch test was not painful at all, a soothing lotion was put on my underarm before she began to use the laser, this helped make the treatment less painful as it was nice and cool compared to the hot laser. The patch test lasted about 2 minutes and I never felt a thing, the cooling end of the laser made it so I didn’t really feel much heat, just a few tugs on the sensitive hairs.

The second time around I was going for my full treatment and wasn’t as on edge as the consultation. I had a better understanding of the pain I would endure and I knew the Tranform staff were incredibly friendly and helped to ease my stress levels a lot!

After heading in I signed a form and we began to get to work with the treatment. I popped on a pair of glasses to protect my eyes, Marie put some cooling lotion on my armpit and then came the laser.

The laser has to go over the hairs twice, the first time felt similar to the patch test. It was very short, not very warm and not too uncomfortable. The second time was different. I could feel the laser heat up more and towards the end it did feel like a burning sensation, a bearable one, but when my face tensed up Marie turned the laser off and used the cooling tip of the laser to spread the lotion around cooling my skin down before finishing the treatment.

The treatment lasted around 5 minutes or so for each armpit. Afterwards Marie put some cooling pads on them and the some aloe vera gel just to let them cool down from the warm laser.

The day of the treatment the skin on my underarm felt a little like I had dry shaved them. Every day since though the skin has felt fine, no itching, no burns, nothing, dare I say the skin actually feels smoother than ever before.

In terms of the actual hairs, they are a lot less coarse and it doesn’t seem like the hairs are growing as quickly, they still grow, but not as quickly and not as coarse as they were before. I still have a good few sessions to go to, so hopefully the benefits will continue to grow.

If you are thinking of laser hair removal I definitely recommend to do some research as doing research before eased my mind, I did say I was nervous, but if I hadn’t done the initial research I would have been a mess going into my consultation. It’s important not to shave before the patch test, this is so the staff member can predict how your hair and skin will react to the laser. I’m not saying go pre-historic cave woman, just don’t shave close to your consultation date.

Preparation for your treatment will be explained during the consultation and with Tranform you get a helpful, little information booklet explaining everything about preparation, risks, aftercare and so on.

I will continue to do posts on my treatment as it continues so I hope you continue to read all about them. If you have any questions then ask them below and I will get back to you asap.
Thank you for reading,

Would you ever consider laser hair removal? 

Disclaimer: I am getting this treatment free of charge on a trial and review basis thanks to the lovely people at Transform and Label PR. This does not change my opinion on the matter at all and all opinions are my own.

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