July Goals...

How is it already July? I swear it was only new year like yesterday! I have to admit though, I have a soft spot for the month of July, the weather, the food, the atmosphere, I really do love summer. I also love to test myself and improve upon myself as a person, this is why I decided I would create a few goals of thing I would like to achieve by the end of July.

1. Eat more healthy,
The very first goal of the month is to get back into eating more healthy. I adore feeling healthy, exercising regularly and just feeling fresh and fit. My favourite thing to do is to make smoothies and juices regularly and I definitely want to get back into doing it. I also want to eat a more balanced diet and less junk food, I mean I hardly ever eat fast-food but I just don't eat enough greens.

2. Get out more,
 A goal that coincides with healthy eating is that I want to get out side more. Whether that be taking the dog a walk every evening I can or going for a jog/run or finding places around my area to hike and exercise. I'd love to just get out in the fresh air more during the warmer days.

3. Get more rest/sleep,
Another health related goal for July, I want to get a more rest/sleep. I tend to stay up late and then wake up early, it's very tiring and makes me slightly grumpy, but with it being summer, I have more time to have long-lies. I also am a huge perfectionist and tend to work myself too hard and stay up late and get up early to work on things when I should give myself time to relax.

4. Take my vitamins and pro-biotics again,
I really feel like taking vitamins and pro-biotics helped my well-being in so many ways. I was more energetic, my skin was healthier, my hair was shinier and my skin clearer. I really want to get back into taking them daily as I have been slacking these past few months.

5. Finish the blog refurb.
Lastly, I want to finish refurbishing of heythererobyn.com. I started late last month just re-doing the layout and making it look the way I think is perfect. A nice simple, clean layout and of course I need to actually write things in my "about", "contact" and "disclaimer" pages..

I am super excited to see if I accomplish these goals over the next month and may do a follow up post at the end of the month. Thanks for reading.

What are you July goals?

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