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I am a huge fan of eyeliner, it is a product I use every time I do my full face of make up and I have been doing a signature cat eye since I was around 15. This being said I have accumulated a rather large amount of eyeliners and knowledge on the subject. So let me tell you the best eyeliner types, brands and tricks of the trade which I have discovered along the way.

From experience I can without a doubt say I probably wont be using pencil liner every again, it does nothing for me really, I understand it is the safest way to line your waterline, but I don't do that. I find pencil liners to smudge easily and transfer a lot.

Liquid liner can be hard to use at first, it takes a lot of practise and a steady hand to get those flicks precise. I would go back to liquid if I didn't adore gel so much. If I were to revert back to liquid I would definitely use Max Factor Masterpiece Glide & Define Liquid Eye Liner as it was the best I ever used. It looks like a felt tip pen which makes it super easy to apply and the nib allows you to apply the liner thinly or build up for a thicker, darker look.

Gel liner is a winner for me though, especially Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner. I adore this product and I don't think I will be changing to another any time soon. It doesn't transfer and stays in place for hours. This product clings to your lash line meaning no pesky uncovered lines between your lashes and liner. The angled applicator means flicks and cat eyes are as easy as pie.

I also really love Maybelline Studio Liner although I use different brushes to apply than the one that comes with the product. This liner is super dark, doesn't transfer and stays in place for hours. Using the brush allows you to control the amount of product you are applying and with a steady hand you are able to apply even, sleek flicks.

Although I do adore gel eyeliner in pencil form, I was super disappointed with a recent purchase I made with Nars Larger Than Life liner. I bought the product in via veneto and although I adore how dark the product it, the staying power is incredible, I just cannot do my signature cat eye look with this liner! You turn the bottom of the pencil to push more product to the top, but after one use the sharp edge of the product is gone and it is too flat to draw on a pointed flick with. If you only line your lids, this product is great, if you want to do cat eye then not so useful.

What's your favourite eyeliner type?
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