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Last Sunday I attended a personal training session at AGFitnessTraining with my friend Ashley. We were invited along by the owner and trainer Andy and had such a great time. We done a half hour session and weren't worked too hard, but trust me, I felt the burn!

We were greeted by Andy who showed us to the changing rooms where we changed into some workout clothes. We began the session on the rower machines where we done around 5 minutes. While we were working out on the machines Andy asked about our blogs and studies. He was incredibly friendly and sweet which made me feel a lot more comfortable and less nervous.

Once we were finished on the rower machines we moved over to the next section, a strange contraption which on the internet seems to be called 'suspension training', if you have no idea what that is, the first photo below. I kept forgetting how to do this, but once I got the hang of it, it was quite simple and I could feel my arm muscles tightening as I lowered myself down. It definitely wasn't the hardest exercise I have done and it kept the session fun.

The next workout we had to lift a huge heavy rope up and down, this was difficult, but definitely gave my arm muscles a good workout. I would advise this to anyone who has had a bad day or needs to let some anger out, it's an aggressive workout! We rotated three times and by the third time I was doing this my arms felt all floppy and numb.

After the rope workout, we done the strangest workout I've ever heard of. We pushed this odd contraption up and down the room. Every so often Andy placed a weight onto the contraption to make it harder on us. This definitely gave a good workout to my arms and my lower leg muscles.

Overall, I adored how innovative and different the workout was to any I had done before. Andy definitely makes his workouts fun and knows exactly how hard to push each client without pushing them too far.

I definitely recommend AG Fitness for anyone looking into a fitter and healthier lifestyle and can get to the Glasgow area easily. If you would like to do a personal training session with Andy use the promo code 'heyrobyn15' for 15% off. Also you can follow Andy over on Twitter @ AGFitnessTraining and I'm sure he'd answer any enquires you have.

I apologise for being completely clueless with workout lingo and having no idea what most of the workouts we done are called or the equipments names. I hope to continue working out and keeping fit, so you never know, maybe my next fitness post will be packed full of complex words and activities.

For anyone going to a personal training session for the first time I recommend that you wear something you feel comfortable in, but that isn't too constricting and tight, so you can move easily in it. I wore some comfortable joggers with a loose fitting top and a sports bra underneath. For shoes I wore converse, which wasn't too bad, so go for Converse, Vans, Nikes, any trainers you own. I also advice you take water into the session with you as you become very dehydrated during the workout and wear your hair up if you can.

Have you done a personal training session before?
How did it go?

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