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I've never been someone who has stuck to a routine with body lotions and moisturisers. I've always had a skincare routine for my face including some sort of moisturiser for as far back as I remember, but I've never cared for the skin elsewhere unless there has been an issue. This all changed when I discovered Palmer's Cocoa Butter Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion.

I received this product at the blogger event I attended last Thursday with Transform and Label PR and have been using it religiously since, which my skin is loving. I always loathed using body lotions, butter, mositurisers, it's so time consuming but this beauty is applied and dried within minutes!

The first thing that caught my attention was the beautiful scent. Just like all of Palmer's products this lotion smells like cocoa butter with a hint of shea butter. Normally this would actually put me off a product, I always feel like cocoa butter scents are far too strong, but this spray contains the perfect amount of scent.

I decided to give the product a try on the following Friday afternoon when I got out of my shower. I applied it to my dry skin holding the bottle about 3 inches from the section I was applying to, I rubbed in the product making sure all of the area was lathered and within minutes it was dry and I was able to pull my clothes on.

Not only did I smell amazing all day long but my skin looked great, with a non-greasy glow. I could run my hand down my arm or leg and couldn't feel the product at all, a major love of mine when it comes to moisturisers, I hate feeling greasy from a product. 

Just under a week into using the product and my skin feels incredibly smooth and looks super hydrated. Spray lotions may be one of the best inventions for lazy people like myself. 

I have read that some users get fallout on their flooring, I have carpet in my room, where I apply the product and can't feel or see any fallout from the product, this may differ for those with wooden or laminated flooring. 

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