Gel, Mousse or Water?

I have an obsession with buying things I don't necessarily need. I like to try out new products, formulas and types of products all the time to find the perfect one. Cleanser is a big part of my skin care routine just like everyone else's and I love to try new cleansers especially types. So far I have tried micellar water, mousse cleanser and gel cleanser. 

Garnier's Micellar Water is the first and only micellar water I have tried and if I'm honest, I like it but I don't trust it like I do normal cleansers. I see it more as a make-up remover, I like to use it when wearing a full face of make-up after my make up remover just to be extra sure my skin is bare. It makes my face feel the same as a make-up remover, a little softer and quite hydrated. 

Nivea's Cleansing Mousse is part of my regular skin care routine. I like to use it before my toner every night and again every morning. My face feels super clean after using this beautiful product, but the one thing I dislike is my face feels less hydrated and much tighter after I use it. After using my toner the elasticity of the skin returns but it is a very horrible sensation. 

Korres' Gel Cleanser for Sensitive Skin is my most recent purchase and probably my favourite of all three. I have began using this along with the Nivea mousse cleanser as a double cleanser and I adore it. It leaves my skin feeling super clean, hydrated and soft. I'm not to fond of the tea-tree scent the cleanser has to it, but it doesn't linger too long and isn't very strong so it's not too bad. 

I would definitely say each of these cleansers work in different ways to clean, hydrate and soften the skin, I have began to enjoy the gel cleanser more than the others, but I do in-cooperate all three into my skin care routine and will continue to.

What is your favourite type/brand of cleanser? 

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