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On Thursday I attended an event I was invited to by Label PR and Transform. The invitation explained that there would be non-surgical procedures performed, a Q&A session with the practitioners, canapés and a goodie bag to leave with. Of course I was intrigued.

I have never had any issue with cosmetic surgery, it is something that I feel has become the ‘norm’ of our generation with women as young as 17, a la Kylie Jenner, modifying their body through cosmetic procedures. I myself am not 100% whether I would get cosmetic surgery, but I have no problem with people who have had or plan to have surgery, it is their body. Going into the event with an open-mind and the opinions I have made me feel super at ease with the whole situation.

I attended the event with my friend Ashley and we were so shocked by the location. It turns out we walk past the clinic almost every time we are in town and not once have we spotted it. I think this is super beneficial to anyone who wants their cosmetic surgery to be discreet and secretive as no one would even know where you were going.

We entered and were greeted by Sophie from Label PR who offered us some drinks and gave us a sticker with our name and blog on it. She was super friendly and made my nerves settle a little as I didn’t feel out of place or uncomfortable as I previously have at other blogger events.

Have to mention how incredible the sausages were like I swear I ate most of that plate, I need more of them in my life.

After socialising with some other fantastic and friendly bloggers and some of the staff while snacking on some amazing canapés we were taken into the first clinic room to watch a demonstration of a facial peel. The facial peel was performed by one of the practitioners on a secretary from the clinic. The lovely practitioner explained each step of the glycolic facial peel, answering questions and giving us bloggers info on the peel and other peels available.

Before, during and after shots. 

Watching the peel being performed was incredibly interesting, it was visible to us how clean and revitalised the face was immediately, however, the practitioner mentioned that the skin could flake and be red for a few days post-peel. I definitely think I could do with a peel, if I do head back for one I will be sure to blog about it.

After the peel demonstration we went back out to the room and began to socialise for a bit, Ashley and I joined by a lovely blogger we met Breige spoke to the worker who got the peel. She informed us of how little the procedure hurt and of some other non-surgical procedures she has had done at Transform. She was so friendly and easy to talk to, which is really lovely to see.

Before and during shots. The hives on the face are a good sign and disappear within no time. 

We went back in for the next procedure; botox. This one I was very intrigued by. Having seen so many botched ops in the news and pop culture, I wanted to know the pros and cons of this popular cosmetic procedure. We were informed that botox can only be performed by someone with a certificate to prescribe as botox is actually a prescription drug. This means beauty salons offering the procedure are offering fakes and never to fall for the low prices.

The botox was injected on the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes to decrease wrinkles and increase circulation in the face. The practitioner was very informative and furrow, she wanted us to know all the pros and cons of botox and answered any questions asked by the fellow bloggers. The most shocking fact from the Q&A was that you can stop getting botox at any point in time and your face will look perfectly normal.

Before and during the procedure. 

The last procedure demonstrated was lip fillers, one of the most popular requested procedures since Kylie Jenner’s recent confession. I was very intrigued by this procedure, what were the cons of getting lip fillers? Can they ever look natural? Could the person feel it?

The practitioner began by explaining how fillers worked and that she was actually going to fill the lip line and shape it more rather than filling the body of the lip, this makes the lips look more natural, adding some filler to the body however evens the silhouette. The procedure was visible almost automatically with the lips looking fuller and plumper. I couldn’t get a close up photo but it was mind-blowing how quickly the lips seemed to change shape.

The goodies inside the goodie bag. 

Once all procedures were done and all questions were answered we were taken back to the hall which we all socialised in earlier and were given packed giftbags by Sophie. I look forward to using all the products and I will be sure to tell you all about any products I adore (probably them all).

Disclaimer: I was invited to the event and giving free goodies, but all opinions are my own.

Thank you for reading today’s post,
I hope you enjoyed!
Have you ever thought about cosmetic surgery?

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