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As summer makes its appearance many people head out on their holidays. From sunny, warm destinations to cold, snow-filled ski trips, where ever you go, you need some travel-sized beauty goodies to take along. This Benefit skincare set is packed full of mini delights for you to take overseas with you, or if like me you aren't off on a luxurious holiday, it's the perfect way to sample one of the top make-up brand's skincare collections without breaking the bank. 

The Benefit B.right skincare set includes six mini sized items from the luxury line. A facial wash, facial exfoliator, facial emulsion, toning lotion, facial moisturiser and eye cream. 

The facial wash to begin is one I have used a few times in place of my usual Nutrogena wash. I do enjoy the intoxicating sweet, sugary smell that bursts out the bottle once you open it. The squeezy tube makes it super easy to get the perfect amount of product onto your face brush or whatever you use to wash your face. It gives the face a tightening feel which fades after a minute or two and leaves your face feeling smooth, silky and extra clean. 

The facial exfoliator is a product you should only use one or two times a week. You apply it to a dry or damp face after cleansing and then rinse off. This exfoliator is strong and definitely gets into those pores leaving your face fresh, clean and spot free. It is also in a squeezy bottle making it easy to get onto your sponge. Again this product leaves a tightening feeling, but it doesn't take too long to fade. 

The facial emulsion included is more or less a moisturiser with a fancy name. It is packaged in a beautiful glass bottle, but this makes it difficult to get out of the bottle, there is a lot of banging on the bottom with your hand. I have used this a couple of times, but I don't think it's too useful for those of us with oily skin. It seems to be aimed towards those with dry skin and leaves the skin feeling moist, but incredibly soft. 

The toner which is included is one of my favourite of the products in the set. It's definitely a different consistency from other toners I have used which was weird to get used to, but it is hydrating without giving an oily look. It leaves the skin feeling very soft and refreshed which I adore. It is in the same glass bottle as the emulsion, but is a lot easier to get out of the bottle as it is more water based and therefore runny. 

The moisturiser smells so good, I have the full sized version of this and it does it's job definitely. Leaving the skin super smooth, silky, hydrated and smelling like heaven on Earth. It's definitely a moisturiser I enjoy using, but I don't think it's a daily one. I have used better ones, but I do enjoy the benefits of using this one. 

The eye-cream I have tried a few times. It puts elasticity back into the skin (a benefit for being in the sun which takes it out). When using this product I don't think I look any more awake or lively, but I think something like this is a necessity for when you are in the hot, dehydrating sun. Plus the packaging is adorable, and luxurious looking. 

The set comes in a small, clear, zip-lock bag which can be used to carry these products or any other travel-sized products in when travelling. You can mix and match these cuties with some of your favourites for a well prepared holiday. 

What is your must-have products for travelling? 

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