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I used to really enjoy blogging and then I didn't have time, I got a job and most of my time was spent working or socialising or sleeping. I kept trying to come back to blogging, but I had lost my love for it. I still enjoy writing, I still enjoy reading blogs but I feel disconnected from my blog. I always thought it was because I had become lazy and just didn't want to spend my spare time doing anything other than Netflixing or sleeping, but it's not true. I think I've out grown the topics I blog about, in a sense I think I've stopped feeling so passionate about the content I was posting. I started to question, was I blogging about beauty because I really wanted to or was it because it was one of the topics you had to choose from? You see in blogging you are kind of categorised into one of three categories; beauty, fashion or lifestyle, but I don't want to be and I haven't for a long time.

I don't really think I want to be in a box, I don't want to say "Oh, I am a beauty blogger" or "Oh I am a lifestyle blogger." I'd much rather just say "I blog" and that be it, but you get the response "what do you blog about it?" and once again you have to pick one of the three topics above or go for a more niche subject like sex and relationship, business etc. It's almost like your blog becomes a column in a magazine and you're set the task of writing about this one topic day in and day out, but what if I just want to write? That's when it hit me that maybe I need to go back to basics with my blog, maybe I need to revisit the reason I ever wanted to blog and find my inspiration, my passion and my love for it all over again. 

I first fell in love with the blogging world back in 2010, maybe, I'm not sure of an actual date, but it was so much different to what it is now. Blogs weren't polished, online fashion magazines, no one blogged full-time, no one really had a strict topic they stuck to and most people took their photos on their iPhone. I read blogs that were online diaries, people chatting about what they did at the weekend, some mention of the beauty products they used or the clothes they wore, sometimes they offered career advice, sometimes they gave tips for getting your eyeliner just right, but in essence people blogged about their lives. I think that's what I want to do. My life is far from interesting, but I sort of wish I had blogged more about the past year of my life. I got a job, I met someone, I let go of negativity and toxic people, I got over fears, I travelled... it's been a bit of a whirlwind and I wish I documented it a little more than some Instagram stories. 

I mean, I won't be talking about every aspect of my life and my day-to-day interactions, but I just want to chat, share things, yeah maybe there will be some beauty, fashion, lifestyle, work things all mixed in, but I don't want to put myself in a single subject box. I mean I'm sure my life will interest very few, but then again I have a steady Instagram following, most of who view my daily life updates on Instagram stories so maybe it is interesting. I mean, we live in a world where vlogging and Instagram storying are major elements of people's daily lives, people share everything online and we get so caught up in and we love to watch it, we love to see what people are doing in life, it's interesting, so why wouldn't my blog about life be interesting to some? And if you're sat there thinking "ugh, what a stuck up bitch" ... you're reading this so clearly you have some sort of interest, no? 

I began re-reading one of my favourite books The Vanity Fair Diaries again this week, in an attempt to spend less time on my phone I have begun reading on my commute and it inspired me. Tina Brown documented her life through diaries she kept in her younger more worldly and active years, she had no idea one day she'd turn it into a book that would sell millions of copies, she wrote for herself and that's what I want to do. Sure, my blog probably won't be read by millions, but it's a nice way to document my younger years and maybe entertain some people along the way. I've always enjoyed reading about other people's lives, I love a good biography and I guess it just makes sense that I'd want to share a little of my own.

So, congratulations if you made it this far. That was definitely a bit of a ramble, but I guess that's what I want my blog to be like now. I have written blog posts stating that I am making a comeback more than once, I say how much I want to come back and what I plan to post about and my schedule for blogging, but this time I'm not going to promise myself anything, I just want to go with the flow. So maybe this is me coming back to blogging or maybe it's not, but I just want to write and be happy with what I am writing and what I am putting out there. 

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