Paying a Visit to The Grahamston

Paying a Visit to The Grahamston


A couple of weeks ago I was invited along to check out the newly refurbished Grahamston restaurant and bar within the Radisson Blu Hotel. If you haven't already noticed by now I absolutely adore checking out the new places around Glasgow. I spend most of my life in Glasgow, surprisingly enough, I actually don't live in Glasgow, but I tend to just say it is where I am from because I work in Glasgow, I studied in Glasgow and it is just where I have always spent a large portion of my time. So whenever I find a new place to go out with friends or that sells some amazing food in the city centre area I am in my element. 

The Raddison Blu Hotel on 301 Argyle Street has been there for many years, in my opinion, often overlooked as just another hotel. The same old interior, the same old food and cocktails made by the same style of staff as any other city centre hotel. If you had stepped into the restaurant before the refurbishment your expectations wouldn't be particularly high at all, but not anymore. The Grahamston has modernised the traditional looking hotel restaurant. Think marble counters and tables, gold and copper accents, beautiful cobalt blue stools and chairs with massive booths by the glass windows showing off Argyle Street outside. The Grahamston gives a traditional hotel a millennial makeover. 

Paying a Visit to The Grahamston

Upon entering the hotel it was obvious this was a glamorous space which would entice both older audiences and millennials. Our coats and bags were taken to the coat room, allowing me to breathe a sigh of relief as I was popping by after a day at work with a bag big enough to carry three small puppies in. We were given an absolutely delicious gin-based cocktail, the bartenders at this gorgeous hotel know exactly what they're doing when it comes to coming up with exciting, delicious cocktails. The first thing you notice as you enter is the bar. It is positioned right in the middle of the main section of the restaurant with bartenders taken orders at every side meaning you get your drinks fast, with ease and well still keeping an eye on your table. 

The restaurant is absolutely huge, however, as you slip past the bar into another large, open area where there are both smaller booths and larger, long polished wooden tables for larger parties. This section of the restaurant is much more atmospheric with a bit of a duller light to it, perfect for a romantic, Valentines date night or just for a bunch of friends to hang out after a long, hard week at work. There is then another small box area at the far end of the restaurant, this I imagine will be the place for reserved tables, think work nights out or large birthday parties. It has a much more private feel to it than anywhere else in the restaurant. During the press night in this section was a wonderful Charlotte Tilsbury girl from HoF and a barber. I think these were both perfect touches to the evening as it gave a view of the fun, adventurous side of the restaurant, proving the youthful side of things at the newly improved Grahamston. 

Paying a Visit to The Grahamston

When it comes to the food and drinks of the night I must say I had a weakness for the large selection of cheese at the event. I adore cheese and if there wasn't a man manning this section I may have just walked off with an entire block of cheese. My lovely friend Ashley (hiyaitsashley) seemed to adore the fish they were serving and the lovely Pinja (Pinjakk) adored their vegan avocado dish. My favourite part of the night was the espresso martini, which was absolutely delicious and left me wanting many many more. 

All in all, I will definitely be returning, I just love the young vibe the restaurant has well still keeping its sophisticated nature. I cannot wait to try more of the food they have to offer and get a feel for the restaurant while it is fully functioning. I think it is definitely a new hotspot to find bloggers wanting some picturesque photos with beautiful marble and cobalt accents, so watch out Insta feeds, you heard it here first! 

Where is your favourite place to eat in Glasgow? I want to know where I should check out next! Let me know in the comments or catch me on social media: 

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  1. I have never visited Glasgow but if I do, I will definitely have to check this hotel out! It sounds like such a lovely place and I would also go mad for the cheese board!

    Tabitha ♥ http://www.latenightsandlattes.co.uk/


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