I'm a Master of Marketing AND I'm Making a Return to Blogging?!

I'm a Master of Marketing AND I'm Making a Return to Blogging?!

I've not blogged in so long now that I've forgotten how to do it... but I am back! It is December, my favourite time of the year, I am excited, I am happy and I am more than motivated. It's been a pretty busy, quick and exciting few weeks since you last had me rambling away on your screen. As you know I got a job working in social media aka the best job in the world. It's been pretty hectic, I work 9-5 and as I travel 30 minutes each way, most nights I get in just before 6pm, eat dinner and fall into bed because I am exhausted. I've been getting a little more used to the schedule now and can usually keep myself awake until at least 10pm on weeknights and for possibly the last week I have been using that time to plan out blog content, so really, I have been back in the blogging mind frame for a week or so, but I wanted to come back after graduation and in early December, just so I could give it my full attention outside of work hours.

I am so excited to be back in the blogging world, I started posting a little more regularly on Instagram this past week and was especially inspired by the St Enoch Centre #ShopStEnoch event I attended last Tuesday where I got all the Christmas feels tingling. I will be posting all about that wonderful event on Thursday, I was writing up the post yesterday and suddenly realised I haven't blogged in so long and should probably do a little update before I get back into regular posts. I am really excited to blog again, as much as I adore my job, I do miss blogging, it is just trying to find that balance again, but I am slowly getting there. I will probably get used to juggling right before Christmas holidays knowing me. I have two blog posts going live this week however and have two set up for next, so as long as I keep up this motivation and energy I should do okay. 

I'm a Master of Marketing AND I'm Making a Return to Blogging?!

The motivation I guess came from how fantastic my past week has been, I graduated from a masters of science degree in International Marketing with distinction. It is honestly one of my proudest achievements and after having a pretty tough year leading up to starting my course and being teamed up with a very problematic individual for most of my assessments I am truly proud of myself for achieving distinction. I adored every moment of my masters degree, I truly believe I learned more in those short 12 months than I did my entire undergrad. Not just about marketing but about myself. I was pushed to breaking point by a certain individual multiple times, I cried and thought about dropping about as that individual tried to sabotage my grades. I learned that I can battle on, that I can stand up for myself and that I can confidently present to 14 of the senior members of NHS Scotland and be part of the team they chose as their favourite of the day. It was a whirlwind year, with certain parts I'd love to relive and certain parts I'd definitely not, but overall I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity and the experience I had.

I'd like to say I'd love to go back and do it all again, but I wouldn't, not because it was hard or stressful, which at times it was, but because I am so happy with the present. Getting a little sentimental right now, but I am so happy to say "Hey, I did a masters degree, I got distinction, my hard work paid off" and I am even happier to say "Hey, I have a job I adore and work with some pretty amazing people, how about you?" So, in the past month, I came to the end of my first month in my first adult job, I went back to high school for the day, I cut off my hair into just slightly longer than a lob, I graduated, I attended a Christmas, fun-packed event and had a ball doing it all and probably a bunch more things I have missed in between. I even started to watch Vlogmas and am making myself keep up with all the shenanigans of my favourite YouTubers, whether it's catching up in the evenings, on my lunch breaks or binging at the weekends, I want to stop being lazy and using "I work 9 to 5 as an excuse for not doing anything but lying in bed drifting in and out of sleep until it's acceptable to actually go to bed.

I'm a Master of Marketing AND I'm Making a Return to Blogging?!
Oh, and here is my new haircut!

Nothing says I am back quite like a random, half sentimental, half nonsense filled ramble, right?

So, what festive activities have you tried your hand at already this month? I want to know in the comments below or catch me over on social media: 

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