Let's Talk Cleansing Brushes and Problematic Skin

Let's Talk Cleansing Brushes and Problematic Skin


For me, taking care of my skin is a huge deal. I have very problematic skin, changes to my lifestyle and my routine tend to break me out, stress or a change in environment, basically my skin loves to use any reason it can to break out. I try to keep to a regular skin care regime, swapping out products every so often to try new ones, adjusting my routine to fit the problems I am having at that moment and so on. There is one thing that has stayed consistent within my skincare regime for around 4 years now and that is my Magnitone Bare Faced cleansing brush. I've spoken about my adoration for my Bare Faced brush a lot on my blog and probably my love of the brand even more. So when Magnitone released the Bare Faced 2 I just knew I had to own it.

The most noticeable difference between the original Bare Faced cleansing brush and the Bare Faced 2 is how they look. The Bare Faced 2 has a much more mature style to it, in simple colours with a much more modernised shape. As much as I adore my original brushes, they look like the younger sisters of the BF2 which to me is a classier version. On top of this, the brush head itself is a little smaller making the brush more compact and easier to travel with. This does mean however that the brush heads are not interchangeable with the ones from the original brushes. When it comes to how the actual product works there is one very big difference, the original had just two settings: normal and pulse setting, the BF2, however, has an extra setting, on top of the normal and pulse setting there is a setting for those with more sensitive skin. The last difference is a small one, but one I was very excited for, the BF2 comes with a little white stand meaning you don't have to worry about your cleansing brush not drying out properly after use and so it can be sat out in your bathroom and be shown off. Much of the changes to the brush are aesthetic, but I was due to upgrade my original anyway as I believe it may have hit the end of its road. 

Like I stated before I am a big fan of skincare and I adore using my BF2 every morning and night. I like to use it with a cream cleanser, lately, it has been my Elemis cleanser but I do like to switch it up every now and then. I use this after I have washed my face in the morning and before I use my hot cloth cleansing balm. In the evenings I use my BF2 after I have taken my makeup off and cleansed as a double cleanse. I usually use the more sensitive setting in the morning to wake up my skin and the normal setting in the evenings to really cleanse my pores before bed. After each use, my skin feels smooth, cleansed and plump. I did stop using my original brush on my face for a few weeks before I began using the BF2 as I wanted to get the full effect of using the cleansing brush and I found my skin began looking much more glowy and healthy after I restarted using the brush daily. I think this is purely down to the deep cleanse my face receives daily, or almost daily. I have reduced my use of my BF2 to 4 days a week, just because I felt I was being a little too precautious with using it each and every single day. I began to wonder if I was actually doing my skin damage rather than good. 

I haven't seen much change in my skin since reducing my uses, it is still clean, smooth and glowing, which I am happy to report. I do add in an extra day if I have a little problem area just to try and keep the problem area clean and fresh. Doing this has led to my spots reducing in size a little quicker than if I withhold from using the brush. I definitely think this is due to the deep cleanse the brush is able to give to my skin, it can get to the root of the problem and unclog any pores in a way I find just cleansing doesn't. 

Yes, like I said I adore Magnitone and I adore the BF2. If you have the original and are not having any issues with it, I'd say keep your £90 because there isn't too much of a difference in what the brush does for your skin. If you have sensitive skin then the sensitive feature would be perfect for you, however, and they do sensitive brush heads too which I adore on the days when my skin is feeling a little more sensitive. I'd definitely say adjust the uses of it to suit you, I have problematic skin so using mine a lot does help me, but if your skin is sensitive or you have damaged skin I'd say find your own timetable for when you feel it works for you and when you think you could go without using it. Some weeks I find myself only using it in the mornings other times I use it more, it depends how my skin feels and whether I think using it would be a good or a bad choice based on my skin at that moment. I do try to stick to a schedule as it keeps my skin happier, but sometimes it can feel a little rough on my skin if I've just tried a new product or something has disagreed with my skin. 

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