Life Update and Why I'm a Terrible Blogger Right Now

Life Update and Why I'm a Terrible Blogger Right Now

Hi, so it's been a while, so long actually that I just opened my blog post by saying hi? I've been away a while, two weeks today to be exact. It is a pretty long time for me. I became pretty much dedicated to my blog in 2016 and over the past two years the longest time I've spent away from my blog was a month due to a death in the family, so I mean... it makes me very anxious knowing it's been two weeks. I have an excuse though, a good excuse in all meanings of the word. I have a job. A full-time marketing job in social media marketing and I am loving it. I mean, not only am I getting to work in a field I adore doing the work I enjoy, but I get to work in an office filled with fantastic people (hi to anyone reading this from the office, I promise I won't be mentioning you guys on here a lot). It's been a lot of fun, but also one of the biggest changes in my life and adapting to it has been pretty hard. 

I am tired all the time, I seem to only ever feel awake in the office, as soon as I am on that train home it is like I am ready to nod off at any moment. It's not like I stay up super late either, it's just strange going from being in university for an hour one day and a couple hours the next to being at work from 9am until 5pm every night. I feel like this week I have been a little bit better than my first week, so I do feel like I am beginning to function a lot better in my new routine than I was, which is always a good sign. There is only one major downside to the situation, I have no motivation or energy for blogging. I just want to sleep and laze around when I get home and my weekends I want to spend with my friends and family or doing the things I am too tired to do during the week and sadly 48 hours just don't seem like enough. This has led to me being one of the worst bloggers you have probably ever come across, but I am okay with it. 

Life Update and Why I'm a Terrible Blogger Right Now

I mean, if I could do it all, I would trust me, I adore blogging, but when it comes to my priorities it isn't right at the top right now. If I were to force myself to write up blog posts at the weekend they'd be terrible, they'd be not worth reading and I'd just be pushing myself too hard. I have to focus on what is right for me and sadly my blog is taking a back seat, I'm not saying I will not be blogging anymore, I just need to find the balance again with a new dynamic and find a routine that works for me. That being said, I am changing my schedule. I will no longer be attempting three posts a week, it is just far too much right now, instead, I'll be posting twice, or well trying to post twice a week on a Monday and a Thursday. 

It's a funny change in dynamics, a change in my routine, but I have to make it and I am happy to do so. Blogging is still something I think of as part of me, I still call myself a blogger, it is a part of my identity, but for the moment it has become a smaller part of my identity and I am okay with that. It is something I started for fun and I am so grateful to have had some of the amazing opportunities I have had from swinging from tree-tops 180ft in the air to getting laser hair removal to working with brands like Benefit, Botanics and Yes To. However, if I want to keep it fun I need to ease the pressure so it doesn't begin to feel like a chore as it has in the past. 

I dabbled with the idea of just stopping, of giving up on heythererobyn.com because it felt like it might be too hard, but I enjoy blogging too much to give it up for good. So long story short, I am a terrible blogger and I am trying, but it's going to take a while before I find the routine that works for me, so please don't forget I exist over here if I disappear again and to any brand I haven't replied to in email, I cannot begin to express how sorry I am. It has been hard, but I am ready to give my juggling act another go and I am excited to love blogging again. So enough with the brain farts and mindless rambling, I am going to go to my bed now because I have work tomorrow and hopefully what will be a fun work night out afterwards. 

So... what are you juggling blogging alongside? How did you find the right balance or are you like me and just trying your best? Let me know in the comments or head on over to social media for a chat: 

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