Why a Break is Exactly What You Need to Feel Inspired Again

Why a Break is Exactly What You Need to Feel Inspired Again

I know it's really hard to believe but I actually did a masters degree there for a while, I know, it's shocking, I mean I never mention it on here at all, do I? (That's sarcasm for all those out there unaware, I probably mention my degree in every post I publish). As a result of working towards my masters degree I stepped back from the blog, I dipped in and out throughout the past year, but over the past 3 months, I probably published a total of two posts. It wasn't that I didn't want to blog, but I just didn't have the time or the energy or the inspiration. I spent hours hunched over my laptop daily writing essays, working on my dissertation, reading journals and textbooks that when I was meeting deadlines all I wanted to do was sleep or chuck my laptop out my window. Blogging isn't a full-time job for me, I don't think it ever will be actually, I don't think I will ever have the opportunity to take it full-time but above that, I don't know if I want to, I know, controversial. 

The thing is, I adore blogging, I have always had a passion for writing, by the age of 7 or 8 I was writing short stories for my eyes. Only, by 11 a couple of friends and I started a magazine where we charged our parents 50p for a magazine that we created and put together in one of the friends' garages, I was, of course, our editor and one of our writers. By 12 I was publishing little stories on a website called GoSupermodel in their stories forum, at 15 I had more drafts of fiction and non-fiction "books" in my laptop than I had actual school work. So for me, blogging always took my interest, but I've always been a firm believer in education and for me, my education has always preceded my blog because my education is a guaranteed future and I like structure. So, I was forced to take a break from my blog for a while, but unexpectedly it may have actually been the best thing to have happened to my little corner of the internet. I feel inspired, I feel like I have a whole new lease on life when it comes to blogging, I have more motivation to create good content than I ever have before. Suddenly, I feel like my blog is one of my proudest achievements and I just want to do well and create content. 

I came back to my blog with a brain and a notebook filled with ideas, some I have published, some are in drafts waiting to be completed and published and others are yet to be started. Without a dissertation clouding my judgement, without something, that to me, was more important taking my attention away I was finally able to open back up my adoration for my blog, social media and everything in between. I have the free time to spare on writing up content, on brainstorming ideas, when I see things I get ideas popping in and out of my brain in a way, I never did during dissertation time. My brain was pre-occupied in an obsessive manner, 100% of my dedication, my hard work and my passion went into my dissertation, but now it can all be split evenly among the elements of my life I am passionate about and that includes my blog. Taking some time off, although I hated it, was exactly what I needed to refuel the fire in my belly, to refill the idea bubble in my brain and leave me overflown with excitement about the future of my blog. I now see a future for my part of the internet in a way I never did before, I don't believe I will be the next Zoella, but I do believe my hard work and dedication will be rewarded and people will see my passion for blogging in a way that never came across before. 

Reading back over some of my posts throughout the last year I can feel the robust energy, I can hear my monotone voice droning on, uninspired, unimpressed and it feels forced like blogging was a chore. I never want to be like that again, it makes me glad I took a break instead of forcing such drivel, you could tell my heart was not in it, not because I didn't love blogging but because blogging didn't love me. I had no ideas, I was tired, I was over-worked and I was stressed. We often look at taking a break from things as failure, taking some time off is proof that we aren't superhuman and we can't handle everything at once, but by not taking a break we already show that. No matter how hard we try to control every element of our lives something slides and we become disconnected in a way others can see and feel, we become robust and lack in the passion we once had, people notice and that is when they see failure. No one sees failure in someone being human and taking a break to focus on something more important or taking a break because you're just so god damn overworked and stressed. 

Why a Break is Exactly What You Need to Feel Inspired Again

  1.  Blogging, 
  2.  Social media,
  3.  Work and education (only if it is done the right way, don't go breaking rules and getting fired),
  4.  Social events, 
  5.  Technology, 
  6.  News,
  7.  People,
  8.  The world,
  9.  And everything in between. 

  1.  You've become unenthusiastic,
  2.  It feels like a chore,
  3.  You are stressed,
  4.  Other things feel more important,
  5.  You're tired, 
  6.  Your ideas are running dry,
  7.  You're feeling anxious,
  8.  You're overwhelmed, 
  9.  You've stopped treating your body correctly (missing meals, lacking in self-care etc),
  10.  You feel like you need a break (no not like those cringy Facebook statuses about needing a year-long holiday).

No one expects you to be superhuman, everyone needs to take a break every now and then and often it leads us to a place of inspiration. We stop looking at the thing we are trying so hard to do but when we come back it is so much easier. My mum always told me, if you can't find something stop looking for it and it will turn up, once the pressure is eased our brains become much more productive. 

So, has a break helped you? How do you feel about taking breaks when you're under too much pressure? Let me know in the comments or catch me over on social media: 

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