What Gives Me the Right?

What Gives Me the Right?

I recently sat down with a list of blog ideas, all with 'how to' in the title or with a focus on me sharing insight about topics I am interested in or passionate about. I started the first post and halfway through I stopped, mid-sentence actually, I suddenly began to question my ability to share tips, trick or insight into the subject, I mean, what gives me the right? What gives me the right to share tips and tricks on growing a blog? What gives me the right to tell you why you need to add your blog to your CV? What gives me the right to share how you should be treating your skin or what fruits you should be adding to your smoothies or diet for healthcare reasons. I am not a professional in any of these fields, so what gives me the right to think I can share insight? What if my tips and tricks aren't 100% factual? What if it is a fluke that they worked for me? What if someone takes my advice and don't get the same results? 

I began to question everything about my blog posts, I questioned whether I was taken seriously, I questioned if I had the reason or ability to share insights into topics on my blog. Is my entire blog based on lies? Am I lying to everyone? Do people think I am specialised in the fields of blogging, beauty or whatever else? Maybe they all think I think I am talented in all these areas and they laugh because I am too big for my boots. I found myself overthinking the entire situation until it hit me, is this imposter syndrome? But even now, even while I am writing my posts I am thinking "is it or am I just a nobody who thinks I am knowledgeable enough to share bad advice on the internet?" I don't really know because, on one hand, I am just a 22-year-old girl writing a blog and giving advice when I have hardly lived enough to share anything of substance or knowledge, but on the other hand, I never pretend to be all knowing, I never try to have people believe I hold all the knowledge of the areas I speak about on here. I share advice that I have learned along the way, I share insight into the experiences I have had and never make promises alongside my advice. 

What Gives Me the Right?

I don't know, am I sharing advice when I shouldn't be or am I struggling with imposter syndrome? I really can't figure it out. I like coming on here and writing posts, I want my blog to be a place where people can come if they ever need advice or someone to relate to, but can I really provide that at 22? I never promise to be the place of contact for anyone looking for advice and I never try to pretend I am specialised in the fields of beauty or blogging or so on, so maybe people are aware I am sharing amateur advice based on my life and my experiences, but what if they're not? I began to read other blogs searching to see if other bloggers were struggling with this thought process and it seems to be rather popular among bloggers to question our abilities to share advice, hell, I even shared a blog post touching upon the subject not too long ago, but still I find myself questioning whether I should be publishing these types of blog posts and writing in the style of providing advice to others. Maybe, it is something we all struggle with, maybe we all giggle to ourselves about out advice posts trying to hide the fact we are nervous we will be called out for sharing bogus advice because it only worked for us and our luck interfered. 

The weird thing is, I am the first to put my hands up and argue that bloggers have every right to share advice and write 'how to' blog posts because we are learning day by day like everyone else but have a place to share this and educate or help others in a way non-bloggers don't, so why does it feel so wrong for me to do it? I mean even the thought of sharing advice based on intensive research, my degree and so on and so forth still lead me to question my own authenticity, it's pretty strange. I mean we laugh constantly about the people on Twitter who feel like they have to get their nose into everything and think they are so intelligent in every field because they have Google, so what makes bloggers different? What is so different about me sharing tips on spicing up your CV to someone on Twitter telling you why you're wrong and childhood vaccinations are terrible because she read this article on Google that says so? Do we need to start disclosing that we are not trained in the field we are talking about or should readers know? 

What do you think? Is it imposter syndrome or are bloggers sharing advice when we know nothing?

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