Why I am No Longer Comparing Myself to Others

Why I am No Longer Comparing Myself to Others

-Theodore Roosevelt-

Have you ever sat back and thought to yourself "am I doing this for me, or am I doing this because I want to be as good as them?" because I have. Recently I took some time off blogging in order to focus fully on my dissertation, but it also gave me time to think about my blog, where I want to go, what I want to do and who I want to be like. I have come to the conclusion that, I don't want to be like anyone. Yes, there are a handful of bloggers who inspire me: inthefrow, Lydia Elise Millen, Fashion Mumblr, Vix Meldrew to name a few, but I don't want to be like them, because I am me and I am different from them. When I first started to blog I spent a lot of time thinking about the content I wanted to post, the content I enjoyed writing and over time it became the content everyone was posting and the content everyone else enjoyed writing instead of focusing on me I got lost in a world of bloggers who were doing better than me and I began merging into them because wouldn't that make me popular? 

The thing is it worked for a while, but I know people could tell my post weren't coming from the heart, they weren't coming from me. I was writing them up hours before they went live, I was reusing photos, I was uninspired and had a severe lack of motivation for something I once loved doing. So, during my break I had a revelation, I am me, I am not Victoria or Lydia or Josie or the other bloggers who I read regularly like Colours and Carousels, Sophie Rosie, Pinja K or From Roses. They are their own individual beings with their own individual thought process and time schedule and so on, I no longer want to compare myself to my peers, to other bloggers, to anyone because I am an individual just as they are. "Oh, but she's been blogging for the same amount of time as I have and she has double the followers I have" SO WHAT ROBYN! So what if someone has more followers or someone else is working with the brands I want to, we all have our own individual paths and mine just isn't at that point yet, doesn't mean it won't be, just means it isn't right now.

Why I am No Longer Comparing Myself to Others

I used to scroll down Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin and feel terrible because I had fewer followers than all these other girls, I had less bland collaborations, I had less motivation but then I looked at my personal life. I was doing a masters degree, I had some personal things going on in my life and within the last year I've had to take more blogger breaks than I have ever had before, so of course I am not where these other ladies and gents are at with their blogs because I had to put other aspects of my life before my blog. If it's not my peers and those who have been blogging just as long as I have I am comparing myself to it is those who have been at it much much longer, which is just silly and I know that, but it's hard to just stop, isn't it? It's a bit of a battle trying to convince myself that I shouldn't compare myself to people who do blogging full-time because I could barely do it part-time over the past year. I have my own story just as each of these bloggers who inspire me has their own too, and what is the point in comparing when it's just going to make me feel terrible and unmotivated? 

I am coming back to the blog and back to my regular schedule and I am no longer comparing myself to others. It goes for in real life too, no more thinking "yeah but she got better grades" or "oh but she's prettier" or "I haven't achieved as much as he has". It's a journey to becoming someone who just does not compare themselves to others but it is one I am dedicating myself to. If I feel those thoughts creeping in I am going to remind myself of the reasons I shouldn't compare, I am going to remind myself of all the ways I am a fantastic person, blogger, student, individual too and how we can be successful and fantastic in our own ways without it taking away from each other. 

Are you ready to stop comparing yourself? How do you stop it? Do you have any tips for those trying to put an end to this destructive habit? Comment below or catch me over on social media:

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